Roaming & Messaging

  • LTE roaming live. First operator in the country to complete E2E LTE Roaming tests.

  • Far-reaching footprint of International Roaming Agreements: 350+ GSM; 250+ GPRS; 200+ 3G/HSDPA; 150+ CAMEL.

  • Top 2G, 3G and 4G national coverage.

  • Last generation core and access network, constantly updated with best of breed features and technology.

  • Using reference carriers for each destination: interconnected with ~100 international operators, mostly TIER 1, incumbents and mobile operators.

  • Routing of roaming traffic made in accordance with strict quality criteria: ASR, CLI Transmission and guarantee of termination in roaming number ranges.

  • Connected to main Roaming and SMS Hubs.

  • Award winning service innovation and quality.

  • Best of Breed Fraud Management System (FMS) in place, combined with Near Real Time Data Exchange (NRTRDE).

  • GSM, CAMEL, GPRS, 3G, HSDPA and 4G (LTE) roaming services
  • Virtual Home Environment (VHE): Supporting Short Code Dialing and Virtual Private Network/Closed User Group
  • Wrong Number Correction (WNC): Misdialed calls of outbound roamers can be actively corrected
  • Wrong Number Notification (WNN): Upon a misdialed call, correction can be suggested by SMS
  • Selective Home Routing (SHR): Selected calls are routed back to the home network for cost and quality optimization
  • Optimal Routing on Late Call Forward: Cost optimization of traffic to voice mail
  • Traffic Steering: SS7 and Over the Air (OTA) based outbound roaming traffic optimization

  • SMS A2P: On-net and off-net termination of Application to Person SMS messages
  • SMS Interworking: SMS Exchange between operators
  • MMS Interworking: MMS Exchange between operators

Data de criação: 06 de maio de 2014
Data de modificação: 11 de junho de 2014