Privacy Policy 

Data protection rights

What are your rights?

See below your rights and the detail of what is safeguarded in each one.
Right of Access

The right to obtain confirmation of what personal data of yours is being used and information about this data, such as for example what the purposes of this use are, the lengths of time they are being kept, among others. The right to see/hear or get a copy, of, for example of invoices, written agreeements or calls in which you have been involved and which are recorded.


Right to Rectification

The right to request rectification of your personal data which are inexact or to request that partial personal data be completed, such as for example address, tax number, e mail, phone contacts etc.


Right to delete data or “the right to be forgotten”

The right to get your personal data deleted, as long as there are no valid reasons for them to be kept, such as for example cases in which NOS has to keep data in order to comply with a legal obligation to preserve data for the investigation, detection and suppression of crimes or because there happens to be legal proceedings underway.


Right to transferability

The right to receive data that you supplied to us in commonly used and automatically legible digital format or to request the direct transmission of your data to another entity that will now be responsible for your personal data, such as, for example, receiving your invoices or transferring your contacts to the new responsible entity, but in this case only if it is technically possible.


Right to withdraw Agreement or the right to objection

The right to object or withdraw your agreement, at any time in relation to data treatment, such as the use of data for marketing purposes, as long as there are no legitimate interests that take precedence over your interests, such as for example defense of the right to legal proceedings.


Right of Restriction

The right to request the restriction of use of your personal data, by means of:

  1. suspending use or
  2. limiting the scope of use to certain categories of data and purposes of treatment.
Profile and Automated Decisions

NOS can trace customer profiles, based on for example their preferences, personal interests, use of service, location, etc., in particular to provide services, increase quality and improve product and service experience, prepare appropriate marketing communications etc., as long as this processing is necessary for the signing and execution of the contract between the owner and NOS or based on the agreement of the owner.

  When the use of personal data, including its use for the definition of profiles, is wholly automatic (without human intervention) and may have an impact on your legal status or affect it significantly, you will have the right to not be subject to any decision that is based on this automatic treatment, notwithstanding those exceptions set out in the law, and will have the right to expect NOS to adopt adequate measures to protect your rights, liberties and legitimate interests, including the right to human intervention in the decisions taken by NOS, the right to make your point of view known and to contest the decision taken on the basis of the automated treatment of personal data.

Right to complain

The right to make a complaint to the control authority (CNPD), in addition to the company and to the DPO.


Right to keep your phone number confidential

The right to make your telephone number anonymous for calls, connections or on a permanent basis, except when it concerns calls for which a right has been exercised to not receive nuisance calls, a situation in which this confidentiality will be cancelled.


Right for the caller’s number to be confidential

The right to make the number calling you confidential.


Right not to receive nuisance calls that affect your private life or peace of mind of your family

The right to request NOS in writing to identify the origin of unindentified nuisance calls that affect family life adversely or the intimacy of private life. Under these circumstances, NOS will have to request the opinion of the CNPD and, if authorized, the cancellation will take place for a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days.
NOS will subsequently inform the caller, by playing an automatic recording before the call is established, that from that moment and for the time period specified, the phone number of the caller will cease to be confidential on calls made to the subscriber who has asked for the number to be identified.


Right to reject confidential calls

The right to reject incoming calls when the calling number is anonymous.


Right to be part of public lists

The right to decide whether to include your personal data in a list accessible to the public – a NOS list, one of a universal service provider or of a third party.


How can you exercise your rights?

Exercising your rights is free of charge, except if it concerns a request that is plainly unfounded or excessive, a situation in which a reasonable rate may be charged, taking into account the costs involved. Information should be supplied in writing but, on request, can be given orally. In this case, NOS must verify your identity by other means that are not oral.
A response to requests must be provided within a maximum period of 30 days, unless the request is especially complex.

Exercising these rights should be done via the following addresses: 

NOS Comunicações, S.A.
Post: NOS – Privacy - Rua Actor António Silva, n.º 9, Campo Grande, 1600-404 Lisboa
Telephone: 800 109 300

NOS Madeira Comunicações, S.A.
Post: NOS – Privacy - Rua Estados Unidos da América, Nº 51, 9000-090 Funchal
Telephone: 800 109 300 

NOS Açores Comunicações, S.A.
Post: NOS – Privacy - Avenida Antero de Quental n.º 9 C-1º Ponta Delgada, 9500-160 Ponta Delgada
Telephone: 800 109 300