Privacy Policy 

Personal Data

What are personal data?

Personal data are any information, of any nature and on any medium (e.g. sound or image), concerning an identified or identifiable individual.

A person considered to be identifiable is one who can be identified directly or indirectly, for example by their name, identification number, location data, an electronic identifier or other elements that allow the individual to be identified.


Who are the owners of personal data?

The Customer or User, individual, to whom the data relate and who makes use of the services or products of NOS. The Customer will be the person who signs the contract with NOS or with one of the companies of NOS Group and the User is the person who uses the services or products of NOS or companies of the NOS Group, but who may not be the same person as the Customer. For example:

- In the business segment, the contract with NOS is in the name of the company but the Users are customers and employees of this company;

- In the household segment, a Customer may acquire various mobile services or a TV service for the whole household, so that each of the individuals in the household who enjoy the use of the service or products will be considered a user.

In this context, NOS informs that it also protects personal data and respects the rights of customers and users.


What categories of personal data are we dealing with?

The categories of data we are dealing with are the following:

Service Use Data

Service use information (traffic)Destination and origin numbers of calls made, date and time or communication, length of call, IP address, mac address and data concerning product and service rates.
LocalizationGeographical location of the customer or device at a specific time or during the use of the services.
ContentInformation included in customer communications, such as for example voice, SMS/MMS or complete URLs of data sessions.
User profileData that result from the viewing of a TV product, or from the kind of calls made.