Privacy Policy 

Personal data collection

How do we collect your personal data?

We collect personal data based on your agreement when you acquire NOS products and services, when you download or use NOS products, services and applications or when you take part in market surveys.
The collection can be done orally, in writing or via the NOS website.
But your personal information can also be collected from sources that are accessible to the public or other sources.

How is the indirect collection of your personal data?

So that you can better understand this indirect form of collection, we point out the following cases:

Data Base Shared between electronic communications operators for the purposes of contracting

If you have invoices due of a value in excess of 20% of the minimum national wage, your data may be included in a debtors list. But before including your data on the list, NOS will notify you to pay off the sum owing within 5 days, or to prove that the debt does not exist or is not payable by you. Also if you have an agreement for the repayment of the debt, if you justify the fact that invoices have not been paid because of contractual non-compliance by the operator, or if you have contested the sum invoiced or prove that you do not owe the amount that is being recovered, then you cannot be part of this data base. This list is shared among participating communications operators and NOS may make recourse to this list before making a decision about establishing service contracts with customers.

Other relevant information about credit risk or about contact identification and data, for the management of bad debts, detection of fraud and revenue protection

NOS can collect personal data from private entities that keep relevant information about the credit of owners of personal data, as long as these data bases respect the applicable rules for data protection. NOS can also access, collect or confirm personal data held on government and private entity sites, in particular, to confirm the accuracy of your identification and contact data.