Privacy Policy 

Personal data processing

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

The responsible person for the collection and processing of customers’ personal data will be the company of the NOS group which provides the service or supplies the product and who in this context decides what data is collected, the means of processing and the uses to which the data are put.


The Data Protection Officer

NOS also has a Data Protection Officer (DPO):

  1. monitors compliance of data processing with applicable standards;
  2. is a point of contact with the customer or user in order to clarify issues relating to the processing of their data by NOS;
  3. cooperates with the control authority;
  4. provides information and guidance to the person responsible for processing or the sub-contractor about their obligations as far as data privacy and protection are concerned.


How can I contact the Data Protection Officer?

You can contact the DPO through the following addresses:

Post: Data Protection Officer (DPO) - Rua Actor António Silva, 9, Campo Grande, 1600-404 Lisboa