For a Digital Future

We want to leverage the digital transformation of society by democratic access to technology and the inclusion of the more vulnerable segments of society.

We believe that technology can play a leadership role in responding to global challenges and in creating opportunities, and we are aware that the sector in which we operate, a sector based on technology and associated with connectivity, offers innumerable opportunities to create a better and more environmentally and socially balanced society.

Main commitments:

  • Increase digital access by expanding network and service coverage.
  • Increase network resilience and response to emergency situations, in general.
  • Define a program focused on the promotion of digital literacy and access to technology by vulnerable groups in society.
  • Develop an offer of products and services for financially challenged market segments, or disabled customers.
  • Define a program focused on training young people and professionals in the digital skills of the future.
  • Put into practice through new technological solutions an offer of products and services that address environmental and social challenges.
  • Promote the sustainable development of companies and institutions via their digital transformation.
  • Inform about and increase awareness of security and privacy in the use of products and services.
Strategic targets:
  • Increase the percentage of the population covered by 4G/5G by 2025.
  • Train 10 thousand people through the programs for promoting digital literacy and for digital skills of the future training, by 2025.
  • 500 thousand objects connected by IoT solutions with social or environmental benefits, by 2025.

We will focus on our actions in the following areas: