Our Principles
Values such as professionalism, integrity, transparency and independence are a requirement of our day-to-day
and a crucial factor for the success of our business.

Code of Ethics

The NOS Code of Ethics reflects the set of principles and rules that govern the internal and external relations of NOS Group's companies with their stakeholders. The Code applies to all members of the governing bodies and all of the Group’s employees, as well as to all who act on behalf of NOS and any person or entity providing services to the Group, whether on a long-term or temporary basis.

Ethics Committee

The NOS Ethics Committee was appointed by the Corporate Governance Committee. It is comprised by:

i. a non-executive director, Chairman of the Committee;
ii. the executive board member in charge of Human Resources;
iii. the Chairman of the Statutory Audit Board, with the Head of the Audit Department as secretary.

The Ethics Committee is responsible for supervising and maintaining NOS’ Code of Conduct and for monitoring its application and ensuring its observance by all members of the governing bodies as well as all employees.

The Ethics Committee may receive requests for clarification of doubts or the voicing of concerns about the Code of Ethics or compliance thereof from employees, partners, suppliers, customers or third parties, either in person or in writing, in this case via the e-mail address comitedeetica@nos.pt.

The Ethics Committee meets when summoned by the Chairman or by no less than two members, at least once a year.