Approach to Sustainability
We integrate ethical, environmental and social issues into the company's day-to-day activities

In a constantly changing market, we seek to respond to the sustainability challenge with a structured and systematic approach, which is based on:

  • In identifying ethical, environmental and social issues relevant to stakeholders and the organization;
  • In a strategy of proximity and dialogue with stakeholders, which allows us to know and respond effectively to their main concerns and expectations, and build solid relationships that boost the value creation;
  • In the context and trend analysis that we carry out continuously to assess the risks and opportunities relevant to the business.

Strategic Axes

NOS ‘Sustainability Strategy for the period 2018-2020 was concluded after a reflection that considered the results of the consultation process with internal and external stakeholders, but also contextual factors, such as the challenges imposed by the market, the concerns and expectations of our investors, the need for legal compliance and the commitments subscribed by the organization.

This exercise allowed us to identify 5 guiding axes for our work and 26 material topics, to which the most significant risks and opportunities of our activity are associated.

Find out about the commitments we have set to guide our performance on the material topics in the Annual Report’19..