Together, we are unbeatable
We were born from the merger of two of the biggest communications companies in the country, ZON and Optimus. Today we are a company that is even stronger, responsible and focused on the future, committed to the excellence and satisfaction of our customers.

We have revolutionised communications
So that our customers can have the fastest, safest and most innovative service on the market, we have combined into a single robust and integrated structure all fixed and mobile communications, and all through the most intelligent and advanced networks in the country.

We inspire confidence
We are leaders in pay TV, in latest generation broadband and in cinema distribution and exhibition. We have more than 4 million mobile phone, around 1.54 million television, 1.6 fixed telephone and 1.145 thousand fixed broadband Internet customers.

We have everything for residential customers
Latest generation television, the fastest internet, unlimited telephone and mobile phone for everyone, more than 3.6 million homes connected with fiber, as well as a 4G network for mobile phones, covering 90% of the Portuguese population, and free internet at more than 900 thousand hotspots in Portugal and 19 million across the world.

We have everything for businesses and professionals
Telephone, mobile phone, Internet and television – all with unlimited communications for the whole company. In the office, at home or out and about, in Portugal or abroad. Everything with the most advanced technology in the country.

We are leaders in cinema exhibition
We operate more than 200 cinemas in Portugal. For those who prefer to stay at home, we have the biggest video club in the country with more than 19 thousand films, drama series, cartoons and documentaries.

We give the best customer service in the world
Our customers know that they can put their confidence in us, because they are dealing with a company that was voted as giving the best customer service in the world at the EMEA Contact Centre World Prizes 2014.

We are one step ahead in technological innovation
Only a company that innovates can manage to be sustainable, differentiate itself from the competition and resist the passing of time.

We were the first national Pay TV operator
We were pioneers in the offer of triple play services
We launched the first wireless Internet service – Kanguru
We have the most innovative TV interface – Iris
We took fixed voice to any part of the world – NOS Phone
We launched the first fixed Internet service with immediate set up - wÖw
We opened the first IMAX cinema theatre in Portugal

We are creating wealth and growing every day
We are quoted on the main Portuguese stock exchange index (PSI-20). During 2015, we generated operating revenues (pro-forma) of 1.44 million Euros, EBITDA of 533.1 million Euros, net profits of 82.7 million Euros and EBITDA-CAPEX of 408,3 million Euros.

NOS everywhere

Our technology