Optimus was founded in September 1998 by companies which were some of the biggest Portuguese and international business groups, including the Sonae group, EDP and France Telecom. Its entry radically changed the telecommunications market in Portugal. Thanks to its “Pioneers” campaign and an excellent marketing plan, Optimus succeeded in winning 100,000 customers in just one week, and by the end of that year had gained a market share of 17.5%..

The highlights of the first few years of Optimus were the launch of products and services, which, besides being innovative, aimed at meeting the real needs of customers. Optimus was responsible for: the launching of text messages (SMS) and the first tariff with free SMS for all networks (Boomerang Chat); the launch of the first pricing plan that did not require mandatory top ups (Livre); the first tariff with calls at the same price for all networks (Livre Total); the first subscriber service not requiring monthly top ups (Avantage); and the first campaign with the offer of calls at 0 cents

In 2003, the year it celebrated its fifth birthday, Optimus focused on a new approach both in terms of communication as well as product offer, by emotionally involving customers with the brand. The slogan “Segue o que Sentes” (Follow what you Feel) reflected Optimus’ new positioning, with a renewed drive, intensity, pace and magnificence. 2005 marked one of the most important events in Optimus’ history – the launch of Optimus Kanguru mobile broadband internet. It earned Optimus the International Innovation Prize at the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards. Also in the same year, in an unprecedented partnership with Microsoft, Optimus launched MSN Messenger on mobile phones, enabling customers to communicate using Messenger anywhere.

Innovation, always an integral part of Optimus’ history, also applies to the business segment. In 2006, Push-Email was launched, a service that allows E-mail, Calendar, Contacts and Diary to be instantly synchronised “over the air”, and also Optimus A, a unique and exclusive integrated offer for the high consumption customer segment. A year later, Optimus launched the Mobile Fixed Plan, making it the first Portuguese operator to offer a fixed-mobile convergence service for the business market.

2008 was a milestone year for Optimus. The brand managed to achieve what at the time was the biggest rebranding ever done in Portugal. The boomerang, which had been the company’s symbol over the prior ten years, was replaced by a new one: magma. The new slogan - “De que é que Precisas?” (What do you need?) - reflected the new image of Optimus: a company focused on customers and concerned about their needs. A few months later, Optimus innovated yet again and launched a revolutionary concept aimed at young people: TAG. This product offers free and unlimited communications (Calls, Video calls, Messenger, SMS and MMS), on a multiplatform basis. For the launch of TAG, Optimus won the Innovation Prize at the GTB Awards for the second year running.

A year later, Optimus launched the pioneering service Clix RestartTV and also the first online publisher of free music in Portugal - Optimus Discos. This launch strengthened Optimus’ strategy in the Musical area, together with other projects such as Optimus Alive, the biggest event in music and art, Optimus Clubbing and Optimus Secret Shows, another pioneering and unprecedented concept in Portugal.

In 2010, after absorbing the Clix brand, Optimus became the first truly integrated operator in Portugal. Also in the same year, Optimus’ Customer Service won the “Best Contact Centre of Portugal Award” at the APCC Portugal Best Awards 2010, an achievement which was repeated in the two following years. The service of excellence provided by Optimus has also been recognised internationally in the Contact Centre World prizes. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Optimus won the “Best Customer Service” prize for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and in 2012, won the most important prize of all, one which is considered to be the “Oscar” of the telecommunications sector: “Best Customer Service in the World”. In 2011, Optimus presented its new slogan “O que nos liga é Optimus” (What brings us together is Optimus), which highlights the values of proximity and emotional involvement of the brand, while at the same time reflecting the technological foundations on which it is based. In the same year, Optimus Connect was also created, a business unit providing “machine-to-machine” (M2M) services for companies.

2012 was the year of 4th generation mobile telecommunications and its commercial launch by Optimus won it international distinction at the GPS Awards. Since then, Optimus continues to invest in developing 4G technology, and achieved the record download speed of 300Mbps this year, while also being the first operator in Portugal to test this technology successfully in roaming.

Another highlight of the year 2013 was the launch of WoW, the new instant fixed Internet offer coupled with voice, and also of WTF, a product that makes a completely clean break with traditional communications standards, which tie young people down to long outdated formats and which make their communications outside the network difficult. WTF offers unlimited use of the communications Apps WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Blackberry Messenger, iMessage and Facetime, together with loads of data traffic.

Now in business for 15 years, Optimus continues to drive the launch of pioneering and innovative solutions, transforming and revolutionising the telecommunications landscape in Portugal. Now in business for 15 years, Optimus continues to drive the launch of pioneering and innovative solutions, transforming and revolutionising the telecommunications landscape in Portugal. Now in business for 15 years, Optimus continues to drive the launch of pioneering and innovative solutions, transforming and revolutionising the telecommunications landscape in Portugal.