Today we are the biggest telecommunications and entertainment group in Portugal

During the next years, we will continue to do what has brought us success until now. We will be an ever stronger and unifying brand with everything for families and businesses. An innovative brand ahead of its time. A brand always focused on customer satisfaction. With a strong competitive lead and focusing on offering truly convergent services to our customers, we structure or strategy until 2018 in three pillars:

1. Increase market share in all segments

We want to consolidate the preferential position we have earned with Portuguese customers for our Pay TV, strengthen our new generation networks and unify the experience that customers have of our products and services whatever the platform or equipment.

We want to be the first choice of professionals, SMEs, major companies and public institutions, helping them to be ever more competitive, to expand their businesses and to drive the country’s economy.

We want to increase market competitiveness in order to give our customers the best rates and the most innovative products and services.

2. Consolidate our position as the biggest telecommunications and entertainment group in the country

We are a guarantee of quality
We want to give the best experience of communication and entertainment in Portugal. We will continue to develop the most innovative products and services with unbeatable rates and with our guarantee of quality.

3. Grow abroad

We can add value in any part of the world
We want to grow outside Portugal, adding value in all of our partnerships, respecting all stakeholders, with a sense of social responsibility and a focus on customer satisfaction.