Curriculum Internships and Supervision of Master's Degree Dissertations

Every year NOS receives several final year Masters students from different areas of research and universities, providing them with internships or supporting the development of their theses for the completion of the Masters degree.

These internships are developed mainly through partnerships with some of the best Portuguese universities (such as University of Porto, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Nova, Portuguese Catholic University), but also in response to individual requests, directed by the students themselves to NOS.

The purpose of tracking these internships or theses is to participate in the development of the best talent, from the moment they are finishing their education, identifying them as potential talent for NOS.

Nuno, Ricardo, Filipa and João are some of the students who were interns with us, either through an internship or the supervision of theses.

These are their testimonies::

Nuno Oliveira

"In 2014, I had the opportunity to undertake an internship in the Financial Department at NOS. This same internship was the working experience that most enabled me to progress both professionally as well as personally, since I was able to acquire enough knowledge in the area, as well as consolidate some obtained previously, which made this experience a crucial factor in the course of my career. Today, I continue to 'wear the shirt' for this GREAT TEAM, because of its great environment, team spirit and mutual learning, it can only bring advantages to my career."

Ricardo Alves
Business Intelligence, Personal Marketing

"I did an internship here in order to develop my dissertation in a business environment at the end of my Masters degree. The challenge inherent to the dynamics and unpredictability of the telecommunications market, which was reflected in my internship project, and the prospect of staying on and continue my development in this company were key to my choice. Three years later, I have a set of ever-enriching experiences and learning with a constant motivation to face the next day."

Filipa Silva

"The best way to discover the business world, in my opinion, is through an internship. With this opportunity I grew both professionally, where I could apply the concepts learned at university, and personally, because I could develop team spirit and friendly relations. The fact that I did my internship in Logistics, meant that there was no day alike where the challenges were constant. Being part of a great team, it was easier to ask questions and overcome all my doubts and difficulties. The internship gave me a general perspective of how businesses operate and the way they act in society. It was without a doubt a unique and intense experience, where being an intern at NOS is a source of pride and satisfaction."

João Pires
Network and Access Engineering

"In the last year of my Masters degree in Telecommunications at Instituto Superior Técnico, I had the opportunity to develop my thesis in partnership with NOS. Doing this work with the support of one of the largest companies in my area in Portugal, allowed me to establish a bridge between the 'real world' and what we live within the four walls of the university. It was extremely rewarding to rely on all the advice and support of my supervisors at NOS, who were always tirelessly available throughout the project."


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