Summer Internships

NOS receives annually several students, undergraduate finalists or Masters degree first year students, to participate in a Summer internship.

Students have the opportunity during this internship to integrate in projects in any Department/Business Area at NOS during two months.
Luis and Adriana were interns with us in the Summer internships programme. These are their testimonies:

Luís Magalhães
Mobile Internet

"I think that the Summer internship was highly enriching, not only on a personal, but also at a professional level. Firstly, the huge team spirit, ambition and the will to grow and evolve, covering all areas with which I interacted, inspiring me greatly and decisively. Professionally, and at a time when I was completing my academic career, this experience shaped my profile in the way I work, think, face and solve problems, respect people and timings and honour commitments. My wish is to come back."

Adriana Costa

"A unique experience and ideal to answer some of the most common concerns when we study: Masters or finding a job? What expertise or area should I follow? Am I ready to start working? In just two months, I had the opportunity to interact with various areas of the company, understand its dynamics of work and have a clearer idea of the career paths I could follow. It was undoubtedly a challenging opportunity at all levels, where I met a new world with constant challenges that made me forget the days I lost on the beach."


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