Dear stakeholders,

When I wrote to you this time last year, I shared our vision for NOS at the forefront of technological advancement, contributing towards a more productive, socially just and environmentally conscious society. Digital competencies, the best and most widely available next generation networks and seamless integration of emerging digital technologies are the key enablers to deliver that vision and provide the best possible experience to our customers.

Little could I have imagined the extent to which that vision would be put to the test during the unprecedented social and economic upheaval caused by COVID-19 over the past year and that still persists into 2021. During the initial lockdown in March, businesses, schools, and other public and government services were forced to go to remote work mode at breakneck speed. Companies were forced to respond to major disruptions to their supply chains and operational procedures, whilst trying to keep their businesses up and running. At NOS, the transformation programme that we have been implementing since early 2018, placed us at a unique advantage to not only take our own operations to full remote mode, in less than a week, but to also share our knowledge and experience with our customers and help them to adjust quickly to the new reality. Internally our core priority was to make sure that our staff and families stayed in good physical and mental health, and to ensure continuity of the essential services that keep Portuguese families and companies connected and with access to critical public services. We extended material support and benefits to health care institutions, public aid workers and more vulnerable communities in general, working side by side with the Portuguese authorities to provide real time data during all phases of the pandemic. We also strived to support our economy wherever feasible by extending more lenient contractual and financial terms during the duration of the lockdown.

Our ability to adapt and maintain business continuity with minimal levels of disruption has brought us closer to our customers further reinforcing a sense of community and belonging. Despite the challenging economic environment, we continued to invest millions in deploying and upgrading our communications networks and platforms, continuously innovating through product and service rollout. We maintained the pace of internal talent transformation and recruitment, strengthening our organization for the challenges of the future. The past year has shown beyond a doubt that we cannot control every risk factor, however well prepared, but it has also presented a unique opportunity to reassess how we run our businesses and institutions, how efficient we are in allocating our resources and ultimately how capable we are of assessing and managing risks. Adoption of online and digital technologies by consumers and businesses has exploded and although some of this digital momentum may subside once life starts to return to normal, it is reasonable to assume that much of the change is truly structural in nature.

As a key player in the Portuguese corporate and technological ecosystem, we take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously, having stepped up our commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and adoption of the principles of the Global Compact. Our commitment to sustainability is built on the firm conviction that only socially responsible companies, that proactively work to combat climate change and develop inclusive, fair and diverse communities, will create long term value and ultimately, generate more attractive returns and prosperity for all stakeholders. We have a pivotal role as an enabler of more sustainable practices, with an ambition to transform lives through digitalization, ensure broadband access for all, and the promotion of digital literacy and competency programmes that will help consumers and companies take full advantage of this transformation potential. It goes without saying that strong governance and responsible management systems are at the very heart of our organization, embedded in a culture of meritocracy, recognition of individual value and continuous development of our talent base.

The operating and financial results we achieved in 2020 bear testament to the resilience of our telecommunications business and to the strength of our operating model. They demonstrate that the very nature of the services we provide, to individuals, families, companies and public institutions alike, are absolutely core to day to day life. Were it not for travel and social distancing restrictions which impacted our regular stream of revenues from roaming, cinema going and premium sport channels in particular, we would have continued to grow our overall business. Although we implemented a number of efficiency measures, it was unfortunately not possible to compensate the reduction in revenues with cost savings and as such we saw a yearly decline in operating profitability. In spite of the negative economic environment, during 2020 we accelerated the pace of our network deployment further expanding our next generation fixed network capabilities and coverage and already preparing the way for 5G deployment. We also pioneered a strategic mobile network sharing deal which, in addition to delivering significant enhancement in coverage, will translate into material efficiencies through avoidance of future network investment and running costs and make a significant contribution to environmental protection with the reduction in number of sites to be deployed and sharing of current infrastructure.

The past year was marred by an inexplicable degree of antagonism from the Portuguese telecom regulator which materialized in the confirmation of an unfair and legally questionable framework for the 5G auction process and although the auction was ultimately conducted under such unfair terms, we will continue to pursue all legal and regulatory avenues at our disposal to ensure that a level playing field is restored. Despite this unfathomable regulatory hostility, we remain firmly committed to our strategic ambition to unequivocally lead in 5G and to the delivery of the very best digital customer experience, whilst building the foundations for long-term competitiveness and for an organizational model that is fully equipped for this new era.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all on the NOS team and to my executive colleagues on the board for working so hard to make sure we delivered on our promise to customers under extremely strenuous circumstances. I would like to thank our customers, suppliers and partners for continuing to put their trust in our business and our governing bodies for so wisely steering and unanimously supporting us throughout the year.

Miguel Almeida