The world is on the verge of the 4th industrial revolution, an era of scientific and technological disruption which will bring with it profound social transformation and maybe even a redefinition of what it means to be human. At NOS, we cannot begin to imagine what this new era will bring, although we do believe that it will bring a better standard of living for all, in a more balanced, inclusive and humane society. NOS wants to contribute to this bright future and is committed to taking on a leading role in Portugal’s development.

Our vision for NOS is to be at the forefront of technology, with the best communication networks, fully digital, and transparent, simple and efficient integration of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Cloud or IoT, with a human touch. Always aiming to provide our customers with the best services and customer experience. We want to be a key player in this evolutionary process that will impact everyone and to be a catalyst for transformation in business, thereby maximizing the opportunities that this revolution will bring for Portugal and the Portuguese.

To be sustainable in the long term in a world that is changing so fast, companies have to embrace socially responsible business practices and contribute actively to creating a better society for future generations. We embrace our commitment to be a role model for inclusiveness and diversity and have made climate change and carbon emission reductions a top priority. We remain committed to the principles of Global Compact and to achieving the United Nations Objectives for Sustainable Development. We want to be a business that cares for improving and developing its people, and ultimately for their happiness.

We took important steps in 2019 toward the creation of a new NOS, in areas ranging from technology to process, from environment to diversity, and naturally impacting our relationship with our customers. We ensured that we continued on a path of growth and profitability that was first set down 6 years ago, as you will be able to see throughout the pages of this report. Each and every year since then, we have recorded improvement both in operating and financial indicators, a unique performance of which we are very proud.

In 2020, we will accelerate the pace of internal transformation taking important steps towards building the new NOS. It will also be a critical year on the external front, with a number of processes ongoing that could play a defining role in our future. Despite the unfounded and disproportionate regulatory hostility, we are facing, given the quality of our team, asset base, our track record of success and the results we have achieved so far, we are very confident about the future.

By leveraging all that is best in technology, we believe that NOS will not only be a leading player in its markets, but also a leading agent in the transformation process towards a better society.

Miguel Almeida