Investor Relations Department

Rua Ator António Silva, nº 9 - Campo Grande
1600-404 Lisboa Portugal
Company Switchboard: +351 21 782 47 00

Maria João Carrapato - Head of IR
Tel.: +351 21 782 47 25
Fax: +351 21 782 47 35

Henrique Rosado - Investor Relations Department
Tel.: +351 21 791 66 63
Fax: +351 21 782 47 35

Clara Teixeira - Investor Relations Department
Tel.: +351 21 782 47 25
Fax: +351 21 782 47 35

When the company was first incorporated, an IR department was set up to ensure a transparent and equitable relationship with shareholders, investors, analysts and with market regulators where ZON OPTIMUS’ share capital is listed, namely the CMVM (Comissão de Mercado de Valores Mobiliários).

Every year the IR department is responsible for publishing the Annual Report and Accounts, in addition to other reports published on a yearly, quarterly or half yearly basis, in accordance with Portuguese corporate law and securities regulations. Relevant information regarding the company’s operations or that may impact its’ share price is made public immediately and may be accessed through this website and that of the market regulator ( All relevant information is made available in both portuguese and in english.

The Investor Relations department also provides the financial community timely updates on operations through press releases, presentations and other announcements regarding quarterly results or any other relevant events that may occur. The department is also available to respond to queries that the financial community may have – shareholders, investors (institutional and retail), analysts and to help shareholders exercise their voting rights. Regular events are organized by the IR department whereby the executive management team meets with the financial community either at sector specific conferences, roadshows in Portugal and in other main international financial markets and regularly meets with investors visiting Portugal.