May 18th 2022


  • Barreiro has 5G coverage from NOS
  • NOS 5G Smart Cities solutions improve life quality for citizens
  • Intelligent urban waste management enable fuel savings of around 20% and a reduction in operational costs of about 40%
  • Council is a pioneer in the implementation of a 5G solution for monitoring mobility

Barreiro Cidade NOS 5G

Leader in the implementation of 5G in Portugal, NOS is focused on applying the potential of the technology to a wide range of areas, contributing towards leveraging the digital transformation of the country.

Equipped with NOS 5G network and using highly innovative solutions that allow the council to increasingly improve the management of the municipality and the services to citizens, Barreiro is today a city that is better prepared for the future, and in the process of building the foundations to be a true Smart City.

In a pioneering solution implemented by NOS, the council now monitors urban mobility, by analyzing video on 5G in one of the busiest areas of the city. The goal is to manage urban mobility more efficiently through analysis of traffic in real time. Barreiro’s urban waste is also being managed through an intelligent solution based on the new mobile network, which makes it possible to collect and monitor data relevant to the process, and allow the vehicle fleet to use data to collect bio waste in the council area.

The Smart Cities NOS 5G solutions take advantage of the ultra-fast speeds, reduced latency, security, reliability and connectivity offered by the new generation of mobile communications, helping Portuguese people become more efficient and improving their quality of life.

According to Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Executive Board Director of NOS, “NOS´ 5G is today a reality that Portuguese town and city councils can count on to decisively accelerate their journey on the digital transition and respond better to the challenges, both present and future, of their citizens. Leader in 5G and in the implementation of the most advanced technological solutions, NOS now works every day with the ambition of making our cities more efficient, improving the quality of life of people, and raising the level of competitiveness of our country. By adopting cutting edge technological solutions, the Barreiro city council demonstrates that it shares in this vision and ambition.”

At a presentation of Barreiro as a 5G city, which took place this afternoon next to the StartUp Building (QuimiparqueBusiness Park), Frederico Rosa, Mayor of the Barreiro Municipal Council, said:“We are in a space that before was surrounded by walls, inaccessible to anyone who did not work at the factory, and our job has been to bring the city to the factory, and break down walls.”

“This is a huge step in the transformation of digitalization, of information, but above all the transformation of the life of people,” added Frederico Rosa.

Waste management for a more sustainable council

The solution implemented by NOS in Barreiro makes possible the monitoring of bio waste collection containers and trucks, optimizing the collection systems and reducing operational costs. Sensors installed in the containers indicate how full they are and, at the start of the collection round, the trucks receive the optimal route for containers that need to be serviced. The system based on 5G enables real savings of around 20% to be made in fuel, and better management of trucks and the teams involved, with cuts in operational costs that can be in excess of 40%, estimates that have been made based on solutions already implemented in other locations.

Monitoring mobility with a solution that analyzes outdoor traffic

Using analytical video technology on 5G, the pioneering solution implemented in Barreiro, will, in a first phase, be installed at the junction of the Avenida Parque da Cidade and the Praceta Arsénio Duarte. An image sensor with video-analysis capability and 5G connectivity, will allow the monitoring of outdoor traffic, generating relevant information such as the counting of vehicles by type, the number of pedestrians and the monitoring of foot and road traffic. It is also possible to trigger a range of alarms, based on the detection of illegal situations, such as vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road, overtaking over solid painted lines, U-turns in forbidden locations, road crossings by pedestrians outside official crossings or the improper use of cycling lanes.

The image sensors have the ability to process data locally, so that there is no image/video or audio recordings and the analysis of data is done entirely anonymously. In the future, it may be possible to detect fires and floods, count up cars parked in car parks or in car parking spaces, automatically detect intrusions into restricted access areas, open rubbish containers or the accumulation of rubbish next to containers.

These technological developments now implemented in Barreiro complement the NOS integrated incident management platform previously installed in the council.

Technological partner with numerous national councils in the country, NOS has for example transformed Albufeira, Seixal, Lagoa and Vila Nova de Famalicão into intelligent cities. These councils have adopted global and integrated solutions, developed in partnership with NOS, with a special focus on the intelligent and sustainable urban management of cities. Lagoa, Famalicão, Seixal and Albufeira have planning and control rooms, and integration platforms in operation, while Águeda has implemented intelligent watering systems and Seixal has an intelligent waste management solution.

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