May 27th 2022


  • Partnership includes global challenge of ideas that bring together sustainability and innovation
  • Set up of 5G Sensorial and Behavioral Laboratory in Lisbon
  • Collaboration formalized concerning an event to debate the impact of 5G technology on the creative industry

NOS e THU une-se para transformar a indústria criativa em Portugal

NOS and the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU), leaders in technology and creativity, have joined forces to drive forward the digital entertainment industry in Portugal and support national talent. The driver of this ambition is the disruptive technology brought by the 5G network, a catalyst for art and creativity, and the search to build the future through a pioneering vision in which art is allowed to complement and anticipate science and technology.

The collaboration includes the launch of the THU Golden Ticket by NOS, a challenge that gives a voice to artists and causes, seeking answers to find a future which unites sustainability, technology and innovation, and the creation of THU Lab – Human Behavior Center powered by NOS, a sensorial and behavioral laboratory equipped with 5G, where creative people will be able to work the senses in the most extraordinary ways. A roadshow is also planned in a number of Portuguese universities with speeches on creative vison and art as tools of the future.

According to João Ricardo Moreira, Board Director of NOS Comunicações, “this initiative with THU is an opportunity to represent visions of the future, through creativity, in a fusion of art and technology, bearing in mind the search for a more inclusive and sustainable world. Innovation is in the DNA of NOS and this collaboration will undoubtedly bring us fresh perspectives and paths as to how technologies such as 5G can be used to generate a positive and long lasting impact on society with an impact also on the lives of ordinary people”.

This union is the result of a lengthy process of work for the country to recognize the importance of the Digital Entertainment sector. We are proud to celebrate this collaboration with NOS, a company with impact, which believes in the potential of the industry and intends to help to develop it in Portugal”, says André Luís, co-founder and CEO of THU.

O THU Golden Ticket by NOS
THU Golden Ticket by NOS is a challenge on a global scale, the goal of which is to promote the expression of creativity as an indispensable tool for innovation. Giving a voice to artists and causes, the starting point of the challenge is the theme “Agents of Change: How can we raise awareness in order to build a sustainable future?” and seek answers for a future that unites sustainability and innovation.

The initiative is open to 2D and 3D artists from Portugal and around the world who can take part and qualify for a “golden ticket” for the THU community event in Tróia with travel, food and lodging costs included and technological equipment. For the first time, and in order to support and promote creative talent in Portugal, an exclusive new category has been created for the Golden Ticket by NOS, aimed at Portuguese students.

The challenge is open as from today on the THU website, where participants show how their work is evolving and discuss its significance, and where the winners are presented. Work can be submitted until the 17th of June and the winners will be announced on the 9th of August on the same platform.

THU Lab – Human Behavior Center powered by NOS in Lisbon
Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn will also install its sensorial and behavioral laboratory at Rua da Emenda nº 19 in the center of Lisbon, and will have NOS as partner in this creative area. The area, which will be dedicated to innovation and experimentation, will be equipped with NOS’ most advanced 5G communications infrastructure, in order to support the mission of the laboratory to leverage creative industries in Portugal. In total, there will be four floors focused on different programs, namely the development of a Food Lab, a research and development zone, a work and collaboration area and multi-sensory experiences of restauration and hosting concepts.

THU is a well-known international brand in the digital and interactive industry, and enabler of networking that promotes a range of events and projects across the world. With an ecosystem of global partnerships, THU is dedicated to supporting and stimulating creativity through activating a community that has digital creators in different areas and which in 2022 returns to Portugal for the biggest event in the sector - the Main Event, which will take place in Tróia between the 19th and 24th of September, which more than 1,000 creators, creative industry recruiters and journalists from a community of more than 75 countries are expected to attend.

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