26th November 2021



NOS is the first operator to launch the most disruptive mobile technology ever: 5G. As of today, NOS customers across the country can take advantage of the unique features of 5G, benefiting from a superior user experience.

For Miguel Almeida, CEO of NOS “this is the much-anticipated moment that we have been preparing for, for such a long time. We will finally be able to deliver this transformational technology that opens the way for previously unimaginable opportunities. 5G is a central pillar for the digital transition of Portuguese society and will reinforce of the competitiveness of our economy. With an ambitious investment plan, NOS is taking the lead in this new era, to serve the country and our customers.”

The first to experience NOS’ 5G services will be subscriber to our “Sem Limites Max” tariff plan. Without any need for additional activation, these customers can already experience 5G technology. Our 5G value proposition will be extended with more new offers over the coming days, all designed to democratize access.

NOS’ mission is to explore the potential of this new mobile technology to the full. For residential and individual customers, 5G means greater quality and speed in connectivity, consumption, sharing of multimedia content and access to immersive experiences. To provide users the opportunity to feel the power of this new technology, over the coming weeks, our NOS App will be providing an array of exciting Cloud Gaming, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

For the corporate world, 5G exponentially increases the power of digital technologies, such as Massive IoT, Video Analytics and AR/VR, enabling companies from all sectors and industries to achieve a whole new level of competitiveness, driven by increased efficiency and business model innovation.

Find out more at www.nos.pt/5G (Portuguese version only)

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