NOS is proud to be a patron of PE Probe. is a free-access website, permanently updated, which makes available all the important content on the Portuguese economy, its financial system, companies and sectors.

Portugal Economy Probe (PE Probe) is a non-profit and a non-commercial initiative from the Portuguese civil society, launched in 2012 and supported by renowned Portuguese institutions from various economic areas.

PE Probe's mission is to provide all the available relevant information about the Portuguese economy, in a factual, independent and user-friendly way. For this purpose, it uses over 230 Portuguese and international sources.

At PE Probe you can find the latest reports, statistics, data, videos, international economic and financial news and relevant events on the Portuguese economy.

PE Probe helps analysts and investors worldwide to make informed judgment and business decisions. It is also a useful tool for academics, the media and all those who wish to have reliable up to date information on Portugal.