How does NOS protect your personal information?

NOS has implemented adequate, necessary and sufficient logistical, physical, organizational and security measures to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, diffusion, unauthorized access or any other form of illicit or accidental treatment.

NOS has implemented:

  • logical security measures and requirement, such as the use of firewalls and systems for detecting intrusion into its systems, the existence of a rigorous policy in relation to accesses to systems and information, and a register of actions taken by NOS staff on personal data of customers and users (logging);

  • physical security measures, among which can be highlighted strict control over access to NOS physical installations by staff, partners and visitors, as well as access to the essential NOS technological infrastructure, which is highly restricted and continuously monitored;

  • means for protecting data from design (“privacy by design”) using technical means such as masking, encryption, aliasing and rendering personal data anonymous, and also a range of preventive measures that encourage privacy (“privacy by default”);

  • Mechanisms for scrutiny, auditing and control, in order to ensure compliance with privacy and security policies;

  • A program of information and training for staff and partners of NOS;

  • Access rules for Customers and Users to specific products and services, such as for example the introduction of a password, in order to strengthen security and control procedures.