Growing from the first day
We are the best communications and entertainment group in Portugal. We generate wealth and grow every day, since the day we were born. We are leaders in the sectors in which we operate in. With our products and services, we have revolutionised the telecommunications market in Portugal. And we will not stop here.

Business indicators (2016)

The main numbers of our business



homes with Fibre Optics



4G network in Portugal



Total RGUs in the Corporate segment



Cinema tickets sold

Financial performance indicators (2016)

Our financial results



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Annual Report

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In 2016, we were the only operator
with an increase in revenue
Since the merger, NOS's revenue market share grew to around 29% in the 3Q15, compared with the target originally set of 30% for the end of 2018. In the same period there was an average growth of 1.4% when the market as a whole fell by about 4% per year, NOS being the only operator to increase its revenue.

Innovation and Leadership
Consolidation in Television

In 2016 NOS again took a giant step in terms of the TV product, distancing itself from its main competitors, through the launch of UMA and of NOS TV, while continuing to improve and evolve the Iris platform, having released a new version focused on the performance and speed of the interface.

New Generation Data Centre
During this year and for implementation of the NOS DCs strategy, there was a 24% growth of in-house computing and of 46% of the Corporate business. At the level of the DC infrastructures, too, there was need for planning and designing housing expansions from north to south.


growth in computing of the
Corporate Business

A year of extraordinary growth
in Cinemas and Audiovisuals

NOS Audiovisuais strengthened its leadership in the film distribution business in 2016, with a market share of 65% by revenue and 64% by spectators. NOS Cinemas has strengthened its position as leader in the film-exhibition market in Portugal, achieving a market share of 62% in 2016, in terms of gross revenue and 61% by number of spectators, with 9.096 million tickets sold, an absolute record in the company’s history.

A unique and comprehensive brand

All data presented above are for 2015.