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NOS Smart Home is the key to a smart home

Technology is the key for a comfortable, efficient and autonomous smart home. Choosing NOS as your smart home technology partner is steppingstone to differentiate your next development by combining a state-of-the-art solution with longstanding support from NOS whenever needed.

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NOS Smart Home is an efficient, safer, and smarter home.

Why choose NOS as a smart home partner?

For the developer

NOS supports the design, conception, and installation of NOS Smart Home solution.

Long-term support and maintenance with 5-year warranty.

Communication and marketing support for equipped with NOS Smart Home solution.

For the future homeowner

Support during activation and configuration of the NOS Securitas Alarm App and creation of automation scenarios.

Commitment to 5 years of assistance and technical support.

Exclusive conditions when subscribing to NOS services: internet and Tv bundles and NOS Securitas Intelligent Alarm.

In a smart home every detail matters

With NOS Smart Home, the features to be included in the development are chosen by the developer real estate developer

 Control everywhere 

NOS Smart Home guarantees integrated control of the security system, automation, and energy efficiency features, wherever you are.


NOS Smart Home opens the door to home protection and security.


If an accident occurs, NOS Smart Home helps to monitor the home, preventing and minimizing risks.


NOS Smart Home allows to automate a set of actions, such as lighting, shutters, and temperature, for a pleasant environment.

The smart lock, controlled via app, allows locking and unlocking home front door from anywhere.

 Energy efficiency

The use of automation rules to control lighting, shutters and temperature enables the home's consumption to be managed more efficiently.



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