Home broadband issues

Do you have no internet connection, slow internet, or weak signal? Learn how to use the NOS virtual assistant to test and optimize your connection.

Test your internet

If you're connected to the internet via cable or Wi-Fi and experiencing slow speeds or weak signal, you can use the NOS virtual assistant.

The virtual assistant works with any NOS fiber router (if you have a satellite router, please refer to the topic Other steps you can try) and allows you to test your internet service by:

  • Performing a diagnosis of your internet connection, evaluating its behavior and the state of your router.
  • Detecting any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Recommending intelligent corrective actions, including remote updates or changes to settings, or some validations with your assistance on your router.


If the issue remains unresolved or the virtual assistant confirms that a technical intervention is required, then your case will be handed over to our specialized technical support team. They will provide assistance either through our helpline or by scheduling a visit to your address. In such cases, you will receive priority support.

You can find the virtual assistant in the NOS App, at Customer Support > Fixing Issues.

Before using the virtual assistant in the NOS App, please ensure:

  1. Your smartphone is connected to the 4G/5G mobile network
  2. You are near your home broadband router

Other steps you can try

How to optimize the Wi-Fi connection?

The router should be installed in a central location of the house and should avoid obstacles and interferences:

  • Do not place the router in a closed or hidden location
  • The router should be in a vertical position. 
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