Check your balance and mobile usage

In this topic, we will guide you on how to easily check your communication balance and monitor your mobile usage.

What balances can I check?

The balance for each number may differ based on the active plan. You can check the balance amount in euros, minutes, SMS, MMS, and mobile data. 

If you have a prepaid plan, you can easily keep track of the top-ups you have made. Simply access the top-up history in the NOS App or the Customer Area.

How to check my balance?

Regardless of your plan, you can check the information about your current balance in the NOS App or Customer Area.

If you have a top-up plan, the information provided will be in euros.

If you have a monthly plan, whether it's prepaid or postpaid, you can check the balance in euros, as well as the minutes, SMS, and mobile data available/used.

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