Create your NOS digital identity

In this topic, you’ll learn how to create a NOS ID account, which gives you access to NOS applications and websites, including the my NOS customer area and app, using the same credentials.

What is NOS ID

NOS ID is the digital account that allows you to access NOS Apps, websites, and online services (such as my NOS app and customer area or NOS TV) using the same set of credentials:

  • Email, mobile number, or username
  • Password

You can link your social media profiles to your NOS ID, allowing you to login with your social media credentials on the NOS websites and Apps. This linking process can be done on, where you can also manage your account information, TV profiles, and users.

Create a NOS ID account

You may create your NOS ID on any NOS app or website by following the registration process.

It is recommended to use the email and mobile number associated with your NOS contract to automatically connect your services. This way, your information becomes immediately available.

After registration, you will receive an email or SMS with a validation code to verify the entered credentials.

Connect your services

If you are the account holder of a NOS service or mobile number, you can connect new services through the my NOS app and customer area.

If you are the account holder of a NOS service

You can associate the following services to your account:

  • TV+Broadband bundle
  •  Mobile phone
  • NOS IoT
  • Business bundle
  • Mobile internet
  • Landline telephone
If you have a mobile phone number

To check your plafond and usage, connect your Mobile Voice+Data plan service to your account.

To connect the service, your data will be requested, and a validation code will be sent to you via SMS.

Once the connection is successful, you can start using your NOS ID digital account and enjoy all the benefits of our Apps and Online Store.

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