Our Strategic Priorities
Ethical and Responsible Management
For NOS, confidence is a key asset, without which it is impossible to establish long lasting and solid relationships.

Ethics and management best practices

We want to serve as an example for the implementation of the best management practices and the responsible conduct of our activities. Ethics is a basic principle of all the internal and external relationships that we have made and an indispensable condition for the development of the individual and the progress of the business.

Main commitments

  • Encourage reflection on the current governance model in line with best practices for the structure, evaluation, independence, over-presence and diversity, in particular of employee gender and experience, of the company;
  • Behave in an ethical and responsible manner with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners;
  • Encourage a smaller environmental impact and ensure compliance with social criteria in the supply chain.

Strategic targets

  • Positive evaluation by employees about the ethical performance of the company between 2021 and 2025;
  • Environmental and social evaluation of risk suppliers by 2025.