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Product of the year 2022

The Portuguese attest, once again, to the innovation and quality of NOS' telecommunications and entertainment services and offers.

NOS won the distinction in the four categories for which it applied: Experience in Telecommunications, offering the most advanced Mobile Network; Wi-Fi Signal Amplifiers, with the Power Wi-Fi solution; Android TV Box, with the New Android TV NVIDIA Shield TV; and in the App TV category, with the NOS TV App.

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Ookla® - Fastest mobile network

According to Ookla®, NOS has the fastest mobile network in Portugal.

This distinction is based on the results of an extensive data analysis, collected using more than 185 thousand tests carried out by users of the Speedtest® platform, belonging to the three operators, during the second half of 2021.

Ookla® - Best mobile network coverage

NOS has the best mobile network coverage in Portugal, according to Ookla®, as shown in the results of the Coverage ScoreTM, which measures the global availability and extent of network coverage based on user tests carried out using the Speedtest platform®.

Product of the Year 2020

Once again, the Portuguese have recognize the innovation and quality in NOS products and services.

Proof of this are the four ‘Product of the Year 2020’ awards won in the field of TV experience with UMA TV, account management with App NOS, cinema with App Cinema NOS and 5G with a new NOS mobile network, ready for 5G.

Brand of Confidence 2019

NOS was elected “Brand of Confidence”, for the fourth consecutive year and won the title again in the ‘Telecommunications and Multimedia’ category.

Consumer Choice 2019

NOS TV App won the preference of the Portuguese in Consumer Choice 2019.

Designed and developed from scratch by the NOS Innovation team, this app allows customers to access contents on the TV at home on multiple devices wherever they are, in an intuitive and easy way.

Product of the Year 2018

Once again, the Portuguese have demonstrated their confidence in the quality of NOS’ products and services.

The proof are the five ‘Product of the Year 2019’ prizes awarded to the NOS services Power Wi-Fi internet, UMA TV entertainment, NOS Kids App, NOS Play and the NOS TV App.

Brand of Confidence 2018

After having been voted “Brand of Confidence” in 2016 and 2017, the operator has won this title again this year in the “Telecommunications and Multimedia” category.

Consumer Choice 2018

For the fourth consecutive year, the leading operator in telecommunications and entertainment in Portugal was once again elected as the preferred choice of the Portuguese people in the Quadruple Play (4P) and Cinemas categories.

Product of the Year 2018

Portuguese consumers have recognised NOS’ innovation once again, awarding the highest distinction to the operator in the TV Solutions category (UMA TV) and in the Fixed Net, Mobile and Apps category (NOS Indie).

Brand of Confidence 2017

After having been voted “Brand of Confidence” in 2016, the operator has won this title again this year in the “Telecommunications and Multimedia” category.

Consumer Choice 2017

For the third consecutive year, the leading operator in telecommunications and entertainment in Portugal was once again elected as the preferred choice of the Portuguese people in the Mobile Telecommunications, Quadruple Play (4P) and Cinemas categories.

Product of the Year 2017

Once again, Portuguese consumers have recognised NOS’ innovation, awarding the highest distinction to the operator in the TV App category.

ECSI Portugal 2016

According to the ECSI Portugal 2016 Survey – Portuguese Customer Satisfaction Index, the Portuguese consider NOS to have the best television and fixed telephone services on the market.

Contact Center World 2016

NOS was voted winner at the Contact Center World 2016 prizes in the grand worldwide final that took place in Las Vegas.

The three gold medals were won in the “Best in Customer Service”, “Best Service to Sales”, and “Best Use of Social Media in the Contact Center” categories.

Brand of Confidence 2016

In the survey carried out by the Reader’s Digest Selection, which, in 65 different categories, evaluates the confidence placed by Portuguese people in brands that are sold in Portugal, NOS achieved a prominent position by winning 58% of the votes in the category “Telecommunications and Multimedia Operators”.

Consumer Choice 2016

For the second consecutive year, NOS won all of the Telecommunications categories in the Consumer Choice Awards. Its convergent services offer 4P, mobile services and Cinemas being selected and distinguished by the Portuguese.

Product of the Year 2016

For the forth year running, the Portuguese recognize the innovation and quality of the telecommunications and entertainment products and services of NOS. N Play, App NOS Iris, Quatro, Tudo and NOS loyalty card were elected product of the year in the telecommunications category.

Customer satisfaction - ECSI Portugal 2014 Survey

For the fifth year running NOS achieved the best ratings in the study ECSI Portugal 2014 - Survey, with the Portuguese recognizing its pay TV and fixed voice services as the best in the market.

NOS was leader in overall customer satisfaction compared to the other market players with pay TV services earning 7,50 points, in a scale from 1 to 10. In the fixed voice category it was also the leader with 7.51 points.

Product of the Year 2015

For the third consecutive year the Portuguese recognize the innovation and quality of NOS telecommunications and entertainment services, awarding the title "Product of the Year - Great Prize of Marketing and Innovation’ to NOS Quatro Cinema, in the category "Quad-Play packages".

Best customer service in the world

NOS customer service was voted for the third year running to have the “Best Customer Service in the World”, something that no other international company has managed to achieve. The distinction demonstrates the commitment of NOS to lead in customer experience and satisfaction for the services that it provides.

At the Contact Centre World 2014 prizes, during a ceremony that took place in Las Vegas on the 14th of November, NOS won a total of 3 gold medals:

  • Best Customer Service in the World
  • Best Technological Innovation – UFE Application
  • Best Customer Loyalty Programme – the NOS Card

Consumer Choice 2015

NOS was the big winner of the annual “Consumer Choice” survey, carried out by Consumer Choice, by winning the preference of Portuguese consumers in the Quadruple Play, Mobile Telecommunications and Entertainment & Information categories.

Based on the votes of more than 70 thousand people, who looked at 614 brands and 118 categories, NOS was the only winner in all of the telecommunications categories.

Contact Centre World 2014 Prizes

NOS was once again distinguished internationally for its Customer Service with 5 awards in the Contact Centre World 2014 prizes, managing to achieve the unprecedented feat of winning the Gold medal in the EMEA “Best Customer Service Support” category for the fourth year running, something that has never been done before by another company internationally. Here is the list of the prizes won:

  • Gold - Best Customer Support Service
  • Gold – Nos Card – Best Customer Loyalty Card
  • Gold - UFE Application – Best Technological Innovation
  • Silver – Best Contact Centre Design and Best Customer Support Service
  • Honourable Mention in the category "Self-Service Technology"

Ready to use Internet – Product of the Year 2014

NOS’ ready to use Internet was voted Product of the Year 2014 in the category Internet Access, being the first immediately installable Internet service, which can be used in up to 3 different locations, offering download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, unlimited traffic and which can also be bundled with a complementary telephone package.

The equipment just has to be plugged in to start surfing the web, using Wi-Fi access on all devices, such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Customer satisfaction - ECSI Portugal 2013 Survey

Integrated into the convergent offer of telecommunications and entertainment of NOS, the Pay TV, mobile voice and fixed voice services were voted by the Portuguese public as the best in the country in the ECSI Portugal 2013 – National Customer Satisfaction Index. The services of NOS were thus recognised for the fourth year running, in a customer satisfaction survey that reveals each year what the favourite goods and services of the Portuguese are in various business sectors.

NOS was leader in overall customer satisfaction compared to the other market players, with pay TV services earning 7.39 points on a scale from 1 to 10. It was the comfortable winner with its offer of mobile voice winning 7.94 points, while in fixed voice it was leader with 7.50 points.

Consumer Choice 2013

In a survey carried out by Consumer Choice – Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Centre, the two brands of the ZON OPTIMUS group saw the customer satisfaction that they have built among Portuguese consumers distinguished. The survey involved 40,712 participants, who evaluated 441 brands in 102 categories.

Optimus was considered by Portuguese consumers to be their preferred mobile operator for the second year running, with a special highlight for the quality of its Voice, Mobile Internet and Applications services. ZON was distinguished for its Iris service, which was particularly noted for the fact that it can be personalised, is multi-platform and non linear. This recognition further strengthens the innovative character of the differentiated products, setting apart the two brands from competitors.

Best ISP Prize

ZON was once again in the headlines as the Best ISP 2013. Readers of the magazine PC Guia (The PC Guide) again voted ZON as the best Internet services provider on the market. The prize demonstrates the satisfaction of customers and reflects the heavy investment that has been made in improving service quality.

The PC Reader Guide prizes represent an important distinction, identifying recent noteworthy technological innovations (the choice is audited by BDO Binder & Co). They distinguish brands, products and services of excellence in technology in Portugal across the country, making users aware of solutions for which they have good reason to reward with their loyalty.

Download to Own – Product of the Year

The service Download to Own was distinguished with the ‘Product of the Year’ prize in the Innovation in Pay TV category. It enables customers to buy their preferred films in the ZON Video Club. It is a pioneering Pay TV service on the Portuguese market, via which customers have the option to buy films and keep them forever, and can watch them on any device: TV, PC, and in the future on Tablets or Smart phones.


Optimus - Best Customer Service

Optimus was once again distinguished worldwide for its Customer Service at Contact Centre World 2013, the biggest association of Contact Centre professionals in the world. It achieved the unprecedented feat of being voted the company with the “Best Customer Service in the World” for the second year running.

The distinction won at Contact Centre World 2013 put Optimus at a worldwide benchmark level for its customer service and recognised our day to day commitment to proximity and total focus on consumer satisfaction.

Best Incentive Scheme

In 2013, ZON won two distinctions at the 2013 EMEA Contact Centre World Awards in Austria. Its customer support won the Gold medal in the category "Best Incentive Scheme", while its sales strategy in the telemarketing area won the Silver medal in the "Best Sales Campaign" category.

In the "Best Incentive Scheme" category, ZON beat the multinational Sitel, the Aljazira Bank and the Russian company NRS (National Recovery Service).

Iris Online

The TV multi-platform experience, Iris online, was internationally distinguished at the TV Connect Industry Awards in the category Best TV On the Move Service.

Product of the Year 2013

Awarded in 35 countries, this prize is given based on the votes of consumers via a market survey that evaluates service attractiveness, and levels of use and satisfaction.

Best Reputation

ZON was the Portuguese Pay TV operator with the best Reputation Index with an evaluation score of 73.72%, compared to an average in the sector of 67.04%, in accordance with the Marktest Reputation Index 2013 (MRI). In this survey, 17 categories and more than 80 brands were looked at, from which a weighted average figure was calculated for 4 key indicators: confidence, image, familiarity and Word of Mouth.

Familiarity was the highest evaluated attribute for ZON, and the company also had the best levels of satisfaction and recommendation among the younger generation and in the 35 to 44 year old age bracket.