For a Digital Future

Digital Inclusion

We believe in the power of technology to solve many of the challenges we face as a society, and we are committed to being an active element in the path to a more connected, secure and sustainable future.

Digital Inclusion
NOS' ambition is to be a responsible brand, with a clear purpose and always at the forefront of innovation. At the heart of our ESG strategy is the promotion of Digital Inclusion. Access to technology is a powerful tool for everyone's transformation and personal development, and an important lever for economic prosperity and social cohesion.
Digital Literacy
We want to empower the transformation of society through knowledge and digital skills, preparing today's youth for tomorrow's jobs.

Computing is the scientific basis for exploring machines’ power. In an increasingly technological world, teaching this subject to children and young people is preparing them for the future in the digital age.


We have embraced this movement from day one, whose aim is to promote the active digital citizenship of the Portuguese people.

Support for Third Sector Institutions

We respond to the needs of the institutions we work with, namely in the provision of communications and equipment.

Institutions that we support: Global Compact, Associação NOS, Rádio Miudos, Associação Dignitude, Bagos de Ouro, Serralves, Rotary, Coração Amarelo, ENSICO.

Acessibility: we will get to where no one else has yet arrived
Our mission is to connect people, companies and institutions, to everything and everyone, leveraging the most advanced technologies to deliver the best experience.

New generation fixed network

Our network, which is increasingly extensive and with the latest generation technology, helps us to provide a reliable and quality service. We have 5.1 million homes covered with new generation fixed networks, providing more and more families and businesses across the country with 1Gbps download speeds and the most advanced television and entertainment services.

Mobile network

We invest continuously to provide the best communications experience. We have 99% of the population with 4G mobile network coverage, and the fastest mobile internet in Portugal, according to DECO Proteste.
We are leaders in 5G deployment in Portugal, with coverage of more than 80% of the population, including Madeira and Azores, and we have the fastest 5G network in Portugal, according to independent studies by Ookla.