Projeto ZER01

Computer education.

Projeto ZER01
In an increasingly computerised world, it is not enough to know how to read and write, it is also important to know how to speak the language of computers. NOS created the "Projeto ZER01 - Get into Computer Logic", with the aim of bringing computer education to children and youths, preparing them for the future in the digital era.

The project

NOS' ambition is to contribute to the development of a more digital society, in which access to technology is democratic and does not leave out the more vulnerable sections of society.

Projeto ZER01 arises from a partnership with ENSICO, and aims to bring computing education to children and youths throughout the country.

Computing is a body of knowledge, independent of the use of machines, which allows the development of logical thinking, the capacity to solve problems, and to stimulate creativity.

The subject will be taught throughout the 2022/2023 school year, covering more than 400 students from the 1st and 2nd cycles.

The Schools


  • Escola de São João da Pesqueira
  • Escola de Trevões
  • Escola de Ervedosa do Douro
  • Escola de Paredes da Beira

São Domingos de Rana

  • Escola Secundária Frei Gonçalo de Azevedo


  • Escola Básica de Jovim e Foz do Sousa
  • Escola Básica de Atães

Why computing?

Young people who are able to "think computationally", will be better equipped and prepared to design, understand and use computer-based technologies today and in the future.

Computing is the subject that allows exploring the power of machines, understanding their language and how they work. Computational thinking generates immediate synergies with structural subjects such as Portuguese and mathematics, resulting in the improvement of students' school performance.

As well as contributing to the development of key skills, it enhances a sense of excellence and individual capabilities, and contributes to equal opportunities for young people in the future.

Teaching computing to school children and young people is a unique opportunity to make an impact on the success and inclusion of new generations.


ENSICO is a Non-Governmental Organisation that stimulates the development of computational thinking among young people, helping them to achieve their academic and personal goals and promoting their full integration in society. It promotes training oriented towards structured thinking, adapted to the digital world, providing better levels of attention, clarity of reasoning and critical thinking in the interpretation of reality.

ENSICO's methodology

The computer classes promoted under Projeto ZER01 are based on the ENSICO's methodology, which is founded on interaction, collaboration, experimentation, creativity and evolution. Knowledge begins to be acquired subliminally and indirectly, becoming progressively more explicit and direct as the years progress.