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For Carriers, MVNO’s and Resellers, NOS Voice can provide and guarantee access to a powerful international network where it is possible to access to a wide range of direct routes to international carriers.

NOS Voice is currently connected to about 100 international different operators.


Being the leading alternative carrier in Portugal, NOS relies on an extensive national network, having direct interconnections with all national operators to offer Termination into Fixed and Mobile Networks.

NOS is the right choice to terminate your traffic via VoIP & TDM interconnections and with PoP’s in Lisbon, Madrid, London and Frankfurt.


In short, our hubbing voice transit service provides you with international voice traffic termination. You may yse our service either to convey your traffic to destinations to which you do not have a direct route or which lack capacity, or to optimize the cost/quality factor according to your needs.

This solution is available on NOS’s seamless network based on TDM and VoIP technologies as well.
With this solution, a single interconnection with us gives you access to all our destinations.
Our service comprises 2 levels of quality standards to better meet your needs:

Premium: focused on NOS directs with na enhanced standard of quality at a stable pricing. It focuses high quality for demanding customers /mobile operators, corporate, corporate user).

Wholesale: A to Z range on international destinations at competitive pricing with a quality delivered at “best effort”.

Access Numbers

We also provide Toll free access numbers (882) for calling numbers.

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