Roaming & Messaging

LTE roaming live. First operator in the country to complete E2E LTE Roaming tests.

Far-reaching footprint of International Roaming Agreements: 350+ GSM; 250+ GPRS; 200+ 3G/HSDPA; 150+ CAMEL.

Top 2G, 3G and 4G national coverage.

Last generation core and access network, constantly updated with best of breed features and technology.

Using reference carriers for each destination: interconnected with ~100 international operators, mostly TIER 1, incumbents and mobile operators.

Routing of roaming traffic made in accordance with strict quality criteria: ASR, CLI Transmission and guarantee of termination in roaming number ranges.

Connected to main Roaming and SMS Hubs.

Award winning service innovation and quality.

Best of Breed Fraud Management System (FMS) in place, combined with Near Real Time Data Exchange (NRTRDE).

  • GSM, CAMEL, GPRS, 3G, HSDPA and 4G (LTE) roaming services;
  • Virtual Home Environment (VHE): Supporting Short Code Dialing and Virtual Private Network/Closed User Group;
  • Wrong Number Correction (WNC): Misdialed calls of outbound roamers can be actively corrected;
  • Wrong Number Notification (WNN): Upon a misdialed call, correction can be suggested by SMS;
  • Selective Home Routing (SHR): Selected calls are routed back to the home network for cost and quality optimization;
  • Optimal Routing on Late Call Forward: Cost optimization of traffic to voice mail;
  • Traffic Steering: SS7 and Over the Air (OTA) based outbound roaming traffic optimization.
  • SMS A2P: On-net and off-net termination of Application to Person SMS messages;
  • SMS Interworking: SMS Exchange between operators;
  • MMS Interworking: MMS Exchange between operators.

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