Ethical and Responsible Management

Responsible Partners

Partners and Responsible Practices

Our Suppliers and Partners are a crucial factor to take into account in our commitment to guarantee the quality of the products and services we offer.

Because we acknowledge the valuable role played by our partners and suppliers in the life cycle of the products and services we offer our customers, we have established a number of principles and policies to provide the framework for our conduct with suppliers and business partners, as for their own conduct with NOS.

With this in mind, we defined the Sustainability Requirements for Suppliers and Partners and the NOS Code of Ethics, which contain guidelines that summarise our outlook, our commitment and our conduct regarding sustainability and must be adhered to by all NOS Suppliers and Partners.

Sustainability Requirements for Suppliers and Partners

NOS acknowledges its activity has both direct and indirect economic, social and environmental impacts in the communities it integrates. Given the importance of involving our Suppliers and Partners in our activities, we take great care with their selection and our relationship with them. The quality of the products and services NOS acquires is crucial in order to maintain and improve the rating of our own services.

We consider it imperative that our suppliers: comply with all legal requirements applicable to their activity; cooperate with all requests related to the implementation of best practices in terms of sustainability; learn and adhere to the principles set out in NOS’ Code of Ethics; become, in cooperation with NOS, actively engaged in improving the environmental and social performance of NOS products and services; and, finally, agree to receive assessment visits / audits within the scope of the supplier assessment process.

When they are selected, Suppliers and Partners are informed of the NOS Sustainability Requirements, becoming thereby bound to comply with them.



  • Ethics
  • Information Security and Business Continuity
  • Energy and Emissions
  • Waste
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Other potential impacts

Please refer to the NOS Sustainability Requirements for Suppliers and Partners (full version).

Code of Ethics for Partners and Suppliers

The principles and rules described in NOS’ Code of Ethics must be strictly complied with by each Partner or Supplier working with NOS and incorporated into their daily processes.

In this sense, the employees of each Partner or Supplier are obliged to follow the principles and rules stipulated in the NOS Code of Ethics, including the amendments described in its short version for partners and suppliers.


Mutual commitments between NOS and its partners.


The conduct of the partners and their employees during the performance of activities related to the business.


Reporting of bad practices and non-compliance with the NOS Code of Ethics.

While under contractual relationship with NOS, whenever faced with potential violations of NOS’ Code of Ethics the Partner or Supplier must report said violations to NOS’ Ethics Committee.

For further information, please refer to NOS Code of Ethics - short version for Partners and Suppliers.