Business Continuity Policy

Business Continuity Plan and its Scope

What is a Business Continuity Programme?

Given the context of the organization, it is clear that NOS’ businesses are based on the use of technology, so potential failures in technical and operational resources (network infrastructure, information systems, etc.) can have a significant impact on the business if they are not well managed. For this reason, NOS has implemented the Business Continuity Programme.

The Business Continuity Programme is a structured approach to the identification and assessment of continuity risks (availability) and implementation of initiatives that promote the resilience of services provided to the end customer and the organisation’s critical internal activities. 

What is the applicable scope?

The Business Continuity Policy applies to all companies, departments and information / assets / processes of the NOS Group (“controlled companies”), with the safeguard that the Business Continuity Management Methodology is more focused on the telecommunications business (which includes communications and housing services).