Information Security Policy

Roles and Responsibilities

Which are the main roles and responsibilities pertaining to the management of Information Security & Privacy in the company?

Everyone at NOS must be concerned and share responsibility for information protection. We all must know our roles and assume our responsibilities regarding information protection.

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Executive Committee

Executive Committee (EC) Responsibilities

  • Promoting Security and Privacy at NOS, exercising maximum responsibility for Security and Privacy issues;
  • Approving the Governance Model and General S&P Policy;
  • Approving the S&P Strategy and Planning, as well as the correspondent area budgets;
  • Approving a strategy for addressing S&P risks of highest criticality (top risks);
Core S&P Department

Responsibilities of the S&P Core Role (S&P NOS)

  • Proposing and monitoring the S&P Strategy and Planning;
  • Defining and maintaining NOS’ S&P policies, standards and general rules;
  • Support the organization in the implementation of initiatives/measures to ensure S&P compliance;
  • Prepare and monitor NOS’ S&P certification audits (ISO 27001 and other standards);
  • Monitor compliance with Crisis Management policies/standards and processes (e.g. KPI/KRI dashboards);
  • Monitoring Incidents/Crises;
  • Coordinating S&P Steerings;
  • Developing and maintaining the training and awareness programme on S&P topics.

Responsibilities of the CISO

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining cybersecurity management policies, standards and procedures;
  • Keeping up with technological advances and ensuring the reassessment of security issues;
  • Creating mechanisms for continuous and proactive monitoring of security weaknesses;
  • Identifying possible threats based on information from external sources;
  • Creating and implementing a response plan for threats, incidents and critical scenarios;
  • Planning and performing regular security assessments.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Responsibilities

  • Acting as an advisory element on NOS’ Privacy strategy and policies;
  • Providing advice and intervening on the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) process, providing opinions;
  • Acting as a liaison with the subjects of personal data (e.g., customers) and cooperating with the Control Authorities (e.g., CNPD - National Data Protection Commission);
  • Controlling and monitoring compliance on personal data processing, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Legal Responsibilities

  • Acting as a consulting element in the definition and review of S&P policies and standards, providing advice;
  • Identifying new Security & Privacy laws and regulations or changes to existing ones;
  • Supporting development and maintenance of privacy tools (e.g. RAT, PIA);
  • Preparing Data Processing Agreements (DPA) with subcontractors;
Internal Audit

Responsibilities of the Internal Audit (IA) Team 

  • Conducting reliability assurance audits covering Security and Privacy risks and processes;
  • Carrying out research of S&P incidents and monitoring the resolution, by the departments, of any risk situations identified in incidents;
  • Acting as an independent advisory element, proposing, upon request, recommendations/improvement measures on matters pertaining to Security and Privacy;
S&P Sponsor

Responsibilities of S&P Sponsors

  • Acting in decision-making on S&P-related topics;
  • Ensuring adequate technological, human and financial resources so as to comply with Security and Privacy strategy and planning;
  • Monitoring compliance with the S&P strategy and plan by the areas/departments under its purview;
  • Taking part and contributing to the inclusion, review and maintenance of S&P Crisis Management scenarios in line with the S&P Central Function guidelines;
  • Monitoring the implementation success of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery processes and plans and correspondent tests;
Local S&P Function/Pivot

Responsibilities of the Local S&P Function/Pivot

  • Coordinating and monitoring the planning of the Department's S&P initiatives, in line with the S&P main plan;
  • Acting as a Department advisory and support element when implementing initiatives/measures;
  • Defining and maintaining the S&P standards and procedures;
  • Ensuring implementation and use of S&P by Design processes and tools;
  • Monitoring S&P risks, mitigation initiatives/measures and Area-related controls (e.g., through KRIs);
  • Ensuring the inclusion, review and assessment of the adequacy of the Department's S&P controls and cooperation during the Audits;
  • Support the area in the development and maintenance of Business Continuity Plans, disaster recovery and respective tests;
Departments / Employees

Responsibilities of the Departments/Employees

  • Complying with S&P policies, rules and procedures;
  • Applying S&P by Design rules in the development of processes and systems;
  • Reporting changes in activities or partners with an impact on processes containing personal data to the Department S&P Function/Liaison;
  • Ensuring possible S&P non-conformities are managed;
  • Reporting existing business continuity risks;
  • Developing and maintaining Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Plans and correspondent tests;