Sustainability Policy

We strive to foster prosperity and encourage social, environmental and economic change, to achieve processes optimisation and enhance the capabilities of both people and organisations. In order to do so, we commit ourselves:

  • to serve our customers in a professional manner, with loyalty and respect, always offering them the best products and services available;
  • to provide our customers all information in a responsible and transparent fashion, so that they can make conscious and informed decisions;
  • to establish the conditions necessary for the secure use of our services, ensuring availability, integrity, confidentiality and privacy;
  • to create a work environment that promotes diversity, respects individual rights and balances personal and professional lives;
  • to choose suppliers according to clear and unbiased criteria and honour our commitments with them;
  • to invest in our community, recruiting local employees and suppliers and promoting activities that generate economic, social and environmental value;
  • to ensure access to new technologies for all, regardless of age, disabilities, language, culture and IT literacy;
  • to minimise our ecological footprint by reducing our energy consumption, reusing equipment and making an increasingly rational use of resources;
  • to create a true information society, using information and communication technologies as a factor of innovation and sustainable development.