Network - General Overview

NOS has an integrated and convergent technological infrastructure with extended coverage
Backbone organized in DWDM rings covering most of the country with connectivity to 42 access Hubs (14 additional sites for transmission purposes only).

Using 10G and 100G Technology, overall network capacity of 2,4Tbit/s, with upgrade. Upgrading to 100G technology the network can deliver up to 12Tbit/s.

NOS deployed own fibre interconnecting all fibre nodes and built own Hubs in strategic locations replacing all the infrastructure previously rented from the incumbent.

Sustainable Capacity Upgrade based on utilization metrics.

Ongoing long term fibre node splitting program to improve the bandwidth per home passed.

Merger enables greater coverage of NOS’ state-of-the-art Core Network

The Most Advanced 4G Coverage

4G network deployed over 800Mhz and 1,800Mhz.

Population coverage of over 80%, more than 50% of which can benefit from speeds up to 150 Mbps.

4G expansion underpinned by the coverage and capillarity of the HFC network, which can be used for backhaul.

4G is a critical driver of NOS’ future leadership in mobile data, the development of even more sophisticated. convergent fixed-mobile solutions and to efficiently take our network architecture into a fully integrated and autonomous all-IP future.