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NOS has a fully convergent and integrated network, supported in its own optical backbone network, with national coverage, serving transparently its access networks.

The NOS Network is made up of:

  • Access network with countrywide coverage;
  • Transport and distribution network of the highest quality and fully based on fiber optics;
  • Network “core”, made up of high capacity redundant commutation junctions;
  • Service platforms, from which a number of services are provided, namely voice, data, internet and intelligent network services.


We also have points of presence in Madrid, London, Frankfurt and sooner in Luanda:

  • NOS is the reference provider for the Lisbon Madrid route


We are able to offer you solutions based on

Optical Fibre Access Network - Synonymous with the latest communications generation, enabling to implement solutions with dedicated connectivity and high capacity.

Copper Access Network - Ensures the best fixed communications network with more than 198 direct access central offices. Primal purpose: provide full national territory coverage.

Micro Wave Access Network - It is based on radio links in exclusive and dedicated NOS wave bands in order to ensure redundancy in high-speed connectivity solutions.

Satellite Access Network - Provides IP connections anywhere in the territory, with quick and easy setup and without the need for terrestrial infrastructure.

LTE / 4G Access Network - Provides national higher bandwidth for real-time access, fixed and mobile solutions.

UMTS / 3G / 4G Access Network - Ensures high bandwidths for mobile data communications, an unavoidable necessity in everyday business.

GSM / 2G Access Network - Allows to be reached, with full mobility throughout the country.


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