NOS' Shares

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder structure of NOS share capital

(1) Shareholding  assigned  to  Sonaecom  and,  consequently,  to  all entities in a control relationship with Sonaecom, SGPS, S.A., namely Sontel, BV and Sonae, SGPS, S.A., directly or indirectly controlled by Efanor Investimentos, SGPS, S.A. As of 29 November 2017, Efanor Investimentos,  SGPS,  S.A.  ceased  to  be  a  controlling  shareholder under the terms and  for  the purposes of articles 20  and  21 of the Portuguese Securities Code. 

(2) Shareholding assigned to ZOPT and, consequently, to the Kento Holding Limited and Unitel International Holdings, BV companies, as well as to Mrs. Isabel dos Santos, being (i) Kento Holding Limited and Unitel International Holdings, BV companies directly and indirectly controlled  by  Mrs.  Isabel  dos  Santos  and  (ii)  ZOPT  a  company controlled  by  its  shareholders  Kento  Holding  Limited  and  Unitel International Holdings, BV. 


Note: The calculation of voting rights percentages does not take into account treasury shares held by the Company.


Last update: 20 March 2024