NOS' Shares

Stakeholder Structure

Shareholder structure and geographical distribution of NOS share capital

According to paragraphs b) and c) of number 1 of article 20º and article 21º of the Portuguese Securities Code, a qualified shareholding of 26.07% of the share capital and voting rights of NOS, SGPS, S.A. as calculated in the terms of article 20º of the Portuguese Securities Code, is attributable to the following companies:

(1) Sonaecom - The aforementioned qualified holding is also attributable to Sonaecom SGPS S.A., and all entities in a control relationship with Sonaecom, namely SONTEL, BV and SONAE, SGPS, S.A., directly or indirectly controled by EFANOR INVESTIMENTOS, SGPS, S.A., as a result of the control relationship and shareholders agreement mentioned. As of November 29th, 2017, EFANOR INVESTIMENTOS, SGPS, S.A., no longer has a controlling shareholder under the terms and for the purposes of articles 20 and 21 of the Portuguese Securities Code.

(2) ZOPT - This qualified holding is attributable to the companies Kento Holding Limited (“Kento”), BV, as well as to Mrs. Isabel dos Santos, being (i) Kento and Unitel International directly and indirectly controlled by Mrs. Isabel dos Santos; (ii) a ZOPT, a society controled by Kento Holding Limited, Unitel International Holdings, BV;

(3) As per the announcement, disclosed on 28 and 12 December 2022, to the Portuguese Market Securities Commission (CMVM).

Last update: 13 December 2022