NOS' Shares

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder structure of NOS share capital

According to paragraphs b) and c) of number 1 of article 20º and article 21º of the Portuguese Securities Code, a qualified shareholding of the share capital and voting rights of NOS, SGPS, S.A. as calculated in the terms of article 20º of the Portuguese Securities Code, is attributable to the following companies:

(1) As a consequence of the qualified shareholding notifications sent on July 21, 2023, by Sonae SGPS S.A. (Sonae) and Sonaecom SGPS S.A. (Sonaecom), the voting rights corresponding to 192,527,188 shares of NOS become directly attributable to Sonaecom SGPS S.A. and indirectly attributable to Sonae SGPS S.A. due to the shareholding held by Sonaecom SGPS S.A.

(2) ZOPT - This qualified holding is attributable to the companies Kento Holding Limited (“Kento”), BV, as well as to Mrs. Isabel dos Santos, being (i) Kento and Unitel International directly and indirectly controlled by Mrs. Isabel dos Santos; (ii) a ZOPT, a society controled by Kento Holding Limited, Unitel International Holdings, BV.


Note: The calculation of voting rights percentages does not take into account treasury shares held by the Company.


Last update: 21 July 2023