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The Dreamia – Serviços de Televisão, S.A. joint venture, formed and held in equal shares by the two partners NOS (through its subsidiary NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais) and AMC Networks International - Iberia, is the result of a strategic partnership for the production of children’s, and movies and series channels, aimed at the Portuguese market and at Portuguese-speaking African markets. The company produces four channels:

Panda Biggs
Launched on 1 December 2009, Panda Biggs is broadcasted on all Cable and Satellite digital bundles, distributed by NOS, Meo, Cabovisão and Vodafone. It is the only channel in Portugal specifically oriented for a pre-teenager audience (ages between 8 and 14). The internationally renowned animation and live-action series, together with a strong component of self-production programmes, with music, sports and latest trends reports are the base of the channel’s programming.

Panda Channel is an educational thematic children channel, available on cable and IPTV. Its programming is exclusively dedicated to Portuguese children.
The channel’s audience has been increasing thanks to its investment in children and juvenile entertainment, high quality and success series and especially to the development of self-made projects, designed specifically to younger children.

Hollywood channel is produced by Dreamia and broadcasts, every month, 24 hours a day, around 300 movies of the best selection of all cinema genres.
In 2016, the channel registered first place in television channels in Portugal for the 4th consecutive year.

In October 2014, Dreamia strengthened its positioning as the biggest producer of pay TV in Portugal, with the launch of the new action channel Blast, part of the television operator ZAP’s offer in Angola and Mozambique.

The Blast Channel
It began transmission on the 31st of October 2014 and is part of the television operator ZAP’s offer in Angola and Mozambique. It is a channel focused primarily on the action film genre and has more than 90% of its prime time programmes dubbed in Portuguese.

The Blast channel is aimed in particular at the over 18 male market which has a special liking for all kinds of action films: pure action, epic action, police, fantasy, martial arts and “noir”.