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NOS Lusomundo Cinemas
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NOS Lusomundo Cinemas is the portuguese leader in cinema exhibition and alternative content exhibition in movie theatres (live and deferred exhibition of opera, ballet, theatre, football, concerts and other events), becoming the first chain in Europe and one of the first worldwide to become fully digital.

NOS Lusomundo Cinemas also leads in technology, every cinema theatre is digitally enabled with a 2k resolution in 2D, and 83 out of the 210 movie theatres it holds are also 3D enabled.

Having opened its first IMAX theatre in 2013 (Colombo Shopping Centre, with a capacity of around 400 seats), it foresees opening at least two more theatres with this state of the art technology in terms of sound and image.

The company has been constantly innovating in a set of media and services in order to improve its service quality. It provides customers with a call centre service; MTicketing / bCode (mobile apps which allow customers to buy tickets online and cross-sell promotions at the company’s terminals installed in every Cinema Theatre); ticket purchase through the Set Top Box (worldwide pioneer solution enabling ticket purchase on this platform) and “Kiosks” installed in every theatre allowing ticket purchase and reservations withdrawal.

NOS Lusomundo Cinemas was also the first company worldwide to install satellite systems in all its cinema complexes, thus allowing content reception (movies).

Leading the cinema exhibition market in Portugal, it has been sustainably growing its market share: 45% in 2004 to around 57% in 2012, both in the number of tickets sold and in box-office revenues.

Internationally, NOS Lusomundo Cinemas is present in Mozambique through the company Lusomundo Moçambique, a local company operating in this market for several years. It was subject to a refurbishment process, initiated in 2010, closing down old theatres no longer able to provide standards of quality and opening new rooms with state of the art technology. Two theatres were inaugurated in Maputo Shopping (in June 2012) and two more will open during 2014, in the city of Matola.