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NOS Sistemas
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NOS Systems, company of the NOS Group, inherits the experience, know how, partnerships and certifications of Mainroad, a company with more than 12 years of experience in consulting, and the implementation and management of IT solutions, which has won more than 100 technological certifications since its foundation, in partnership with the main players in international and national markets.

Offering a complete range of IT services, namely Cloud infrastructure and solutions, Data Centre Services, IT Management Services, IT Governance and Security Services, supported by the NOS Data Centres, NOS Systems helps customers to attain the most efficient use of their technological infrastructure, and is able to support the customer selectively or globally through the outsourcing of services and IT infrastructure.

NOS Systems makes sure that applications, systems and networks that support the critical business processes of its customers are at their maximum availability, providing a specialist Customer Support Service 24/7 in order to respond to any challenge from its customers.

The company, through its consultancy services, designs, optimises and implements solutions to manage technological infrastructures that enable customers to always be in line with efficiency goals and best market practices, in particular ITIL, ISO 27001 and BS 25999, among others.

NOS Systems and the NOS Group are focused on delivering services and solutions of quality and high availability, constantly seeking to achieve outstanding excellence in customer service and the ability to respond and innovate through Information Technology and Communication services and solutions. These objectives are always underpinned by a vision of the future and by continuous improvement in relation to the growing market and business challenges.