More for our people

Our Strategic Priorities
More for our people
We are in favor of development, equality of opportunity, diversity, inclusion and the wellbeing of our people, in a work environment that is healthy and safe.

Our Culture

We look for people capable of pursuing new objectives, overcoming challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that we have to offer. Our culture, coming from a combination of the different experiences of our employees, makes NOS one of the best companies in which to work in Portugal.

Main commitments:

  • Leverage equality of opportunities for personal and professional development for all employees and ensure a performance review that is rigorous, transparent, constructive and based on merit;
  • Promote diversity in all its different forms, and encourage a mindset of inclusion at NOS;
  • Redefine the health and wellbeing program, in order to increase the impact of promoting a healthy life in a sustainable manner.

Strategic targets:

  • Improvement in the employee satisfaction index;
  • Increase in the number of women in management positions = or > Manager by 2025.

We manage Talent

Our Model of Performance and Development is based on five principles and has two components: development and evaluation. This enables the potential of each individual to be identified, training needs to be diagnosed and is a critical factor of success in the development of our people.

We also have a program of internal mobility, the goal of which is for employees to acquire broad ranging skills and a wider knowledge of our business, while respecting the balance between personal and professional life. In 2020, the program grew by 116%, covering 9.3% of the organization.

With the support of the most highly thought of national and international partners, among which are universities, business schools, and consulting and technology companies, between 70 and 90% of employees take part in the NOS Campus activities, which have been a benchmark investment for the development and certification of critical competencies.

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Performance and development model principles


Applies to all employees, covering the various organizational groups.

Coherence and Integration

Ensures alignment and convergence of efforts across the NOS universe, aiming to achieve corporate objectives.

Transparency and Impartiality

Cross-cutting across the entire NOS, with clear and objective criteria that make it possible to manage the performance and development of Teams and People.

Responsibility and Development

Monitors the results of each employee and the way they are achieved, establishing a development plan for each employee.

Consequent differentiation

Identifies those who contribute the most and best, recognizing the merit.

We promote diversity and inclusion

We promote diversity as a crucial value with a view to strengthening the ethical commitment to meritocracy, rigor and transparency in all internal procedures and processes.

We consider it to be important to have a balanced workforce, not only in respect of gender or age, but also background, life experience and mindsets.

It is with this combination and sharing of human resources that we contribute towards creating value, and making the NOS brand strong, underpinned by our people.

Consult our Declaration of Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

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Security, safety and wellbeing

We look after our people

We concern ourselves with the wellbeing of our people. We know that only when all of them are strong both mentally and physically can we manage to leverage their potential and have fulfilled employees. To that end, we endeavor to provide tools that help with health, confidence and wellbeing.

We stand together

Throughout the year, we develop a range of initiatives, measures and tools, dedicated to the wellbeing of staff, from encouraging them to make healthy choices, helping to look after their mental health, and stimulating social links that unite and bring us closer together, and contribute towards a balance between life at home and work.

A safe working environment

In order for us to ensure that our employees, suppliers and partners carry out their work in a secure work environment that anticipates risks and the occurrence of incidents, and avoids occupational illnesses, we have implemented certification in Health and Safety at Work, in accordance with the standard ISO 45001.

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