Organizations in which we participate
Together we ensure the future
We take part in global initiatives that help us to make our Sustainability Strategy a reality and to contribute towards a more sustainable society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

United Nations

We strengthen our commitment to sustainable development by participating in global initiatives that helps us contribute towards a modern and balanced society.

United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is an initiative in corporate citizenship founded on ten key Principles in the areas of human rights, labor practices, environmental protection and anti-corruption, and aims at encouraging a public and voluntary commitment by companies to adhere to them. NOS signed up to this initiative in 2014.

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Global Compact Network Portugal

We are members of the Global Compact Network Portugal (UN GCNP), the network which brings together organizations operating in Portugal that have signed up to the initiative. As part of this network, companies and other interested parties promote the sharing of experiences and collective development in respect of the 10 principles.

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SDG Alliance Portugal

The SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Alliance Portugal is an initiative set up by the Global Compact Network Portugal based on the 17 SDGs, the objective of which is to increase communication between companies and stakeholders, as well as creating the conditions for developing new projects within the scope of the UN’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

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BCSD Portugal

The BCSD Portugal – World Business Council for Sustainable Development is a non-profit making association, which, with companies from a broad range of business sectors as members, brings together and represents companies that actively commit to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.

As a member of the BCSD, NOS has signed up to high level initiatives, some key ones being:

Charter of Principles of the BCSD Portugal

NOS is a signatory to the Charter of Principles of the BCSD Portugal, a document that sets out the principles that provide guidelines for good business management. The Charter of Principles aims to create a voluntary framework suitable for companies of various sizes, in order to encourage the growth of sustainable management practices, based on six principles: Legal compliance and Ethical conduct, Human rights, Working rights, Prevention, Health and safety, Environment and Management.

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Manifesto "Take advantage of the crisis to launch a new paradigm of sustainable development"

Companies that have signed up to this Manifesto declare that they have the ambition to contribute towards building a new model of sustainable development based on five fundamental principles: promoting inclusive and sustainable development, promoting growth, searching for efficiency, strengthening resilience and strengthening corporate citizenship.

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CEO Guide to Human Rights

NOS is associated with 37 other national companies from various sectors of activity in the defense of Human Rights, signing the CEO's Guide on Human Rights, an initiative launched by BCSD Portugal.
By subscribing to the principles set out in this Guide, NOS is committed to innovating in practices aimed at improving living conditions, its employees and the communities impacted by the company's activity.

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Founded in 1991, ETIS is a non-profit association managed by its members. Together, the main telecommunications operators in Europe share information and experiences in a spirit of trust. The goal of ETIS is to help its members to achieve their strategic objectives in order to improve business performance by sharing knowledge about the challenges of the sector. NOS, among other Work Groups, is a member of the one focused on the issue of Sustainability, whose main priority is sharing knowledge and the challenges faced in implementing circular economy strategies in the Telecommunications sector.

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Digital Transformation

GeSI (Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative)

NOS signed up to GeSI in 2020, the only world organization dedicated to the ICT sector and which enables opportunities to be identified through digital solutions, in order to respond to the most urgent environmental and social global challenges.

Working with the biggest companies in the ICT sector, and benchmark organizations worldwide, GeSI is an incomparable source of information, resources and best practices to help achieve social and environmental sustainability through the medium of digital technologies.

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Digital With Purpose

In March 2021, NOS became a founding member of “Digital With Purpose”, an international movement led by GeSI which is made up of more than 40 world leading companies in technology. The DWP movement is dedicated to accelerating the positive impact of the use of technology and of 5 “digital impact themes”: Climate action, the Circular economy, the Supply chain, digital inclusion and Digital confidence.

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European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC)

In an initiative promoted by the European Commission and by the Portuguese Presidency #DigitalDay2021, member states and the major technological companies of the EU commit to playing an active part in the process of digital transformation of Europe over the coming decade.

NOS was the only Portuguese company to take on this commitment, and signed the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) Declaration, with the objective of contributing towards actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a pace that is compatible with limiting global warming to 1.5ºC, in order to reach carbon neutrality (net-zero) by 2040.

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Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 Commitment

In 2020 Lisbon was European Green Capital. This distinction aimed to recognize the transformation of the city in the last decade and renewed the commitment to achieve a better urban environment by 2030. Based on this ambition, the municipality launched the challenge to the city, to companies, organizations, associations and institutions, public and private, to subscribe to the Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 Commitment - Climatic Action Lisbon 2030, with an ambitious agenda for the next 10 years.
NOS joined the Lisbon City Hall and signed the Commitment, with 14 proposals involving specific actions on several fronts, such as circular economy, mobility, energy, awareness and mobilization.

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Business Ambition 1.5ºC

The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing towards the sustainability of the planet led NOS to sign up to the Letter of Commitment “Business Ambition for 1.5ºC”, an initiative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, a step that confirms publicly the commitment of the company to align its emissions with the trajectories of de-carbonization that are deemed necessary to limit global warming.

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At NOS we promote the values of diversity and inclusion as the cornerstones of our DNA because we believe that only through a work environment that promotes diversity cane we succeed in leveraging the talent and aspirations of our employees. Diversity contributes towards our growth and makes us stronger, more united and innovative in the discovery of solutions.

Find out here some of the initiatives that we are working on in this area.