Our Approach

Connected to a world that connects us to everyone

We believe in the power of technology to combat the environmental and social challenges that we face. We are part of something bigger than ourselves and our ambition is to leave a positive mark on everything that we do.

We believe that ICTs (Information and Communications Technologies) can play a leadership role in addressing global challenges, such as adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, scarcity of natural resources, the increase in economic and social inequalities and heightened concerns about questions relating to security and privacy.

We want to use this transformative potential to create social change and increase the productivity of companies, while respecting the environment and generating value for all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Strategy
The Sustainability Strategy for the timeframe 2021-2025 is based on 4 cornerstones of action, to which are linked the relevant risks and opportunities of sustainability for the business.
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Policies and Codes

Being a sustainable and responsible company is reflected in the way we work, in the strategy of the business and in the policies and codes that we use every day.

Sustainability Policy
Code of Ethics
Policies of Security and Privacy
Other Policies


We recognize the importance of a strategy of proximity and dialogue with our stakeholders, in order to identify and understand their expectations and concerns.

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Integrated Management System and Certifications

We adopt best practices. We continuously monitor and evaluate our performance through performance indicators and a program of audits. We invest in the certification of processes in order to ensure the high quality of our products and services and the satisfaction of all those involved.

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Reports and Indicators

We share our progress relating to commitments, goals and management practices for environmental, social and governance issues.

Annual Integrated Report 2023
Main Indicators