We will get to where no one else has yet arrived

Our mission is to connect people, companies and organizations, to everything and everybody, leveraging the most advanced technologies, in order to deliver the best experience, surprising our customers and building with them transparent and compassionate relationships.
We will always act with ambition, an attitude of challenging and transforming the present, with the future as our inspiration and with value creation for society as our ultimate objective.

New generation fixed network

NOS’ entire New Generation fixed network has the capability of providing download speeds of 1Gbps. Coverage has already reached 4.807 million homes in Portugal, of which 39.5% with FttH, with the remainder covered by HFC, entirely up to date with the Docsis 3.1. and OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access) technology that also allows greater upstream capacity.   

Mobile network

NOS’ mobile network provides 4G technology coverage to 99% of the Portuguese population, and has been the focus of a cycle of modernization and preparation for the arrival of 5G, (Portuguese version only) setting up and developing new paradigms of network growth and sustainability, which will strengthen NOS and allow the company to lead in terms of coverage and mobile phone experience.