January 26th 2022


  • NOS is distinguished in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2022 for the excellence of its practices
  • Companies from 45 countries and regions are included in the index

NOS joins the Bloomberg gender equality index for the first time

For the first time, NOS is included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2022, a modified market capitalization-weighted index that aims to track the performance of public companies committed to transparency in gender-data reporting.

The GEI 2022 index measures gender equality in five key areas: leadership and pipeline of feminine talent, remuneration equality and parity between men and women, inclusive culture, policies against sexual harassment and pro-women brand.

Among more than 400 companies assessed from 45 countries and regions across the world, NOS' evaluation took into account the weighting between the quality and transparency of the information provided (Disclosure), and the excellence of performance (Data Excellence) in its practices.

The inclusion in the GEI 2022 is indicative of NOS’ commitment to equal treatment and opportunities for all its people, and to eliminating any kind of gender-based discrimination.

These objectives were put into practice in NOS’ 2022 Plan for Gender Equality , and its Declaration of Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, which sets out the guiding principles of the company in this area and is based on three main action areas: Diversity and Inclusion Mindset , Inclusive Leadership and Diverse Talent Pool.

According to Miguel Almeida, CEO of NOS, “principles of equality, diversity and inclusion play a central role in human resources at NOS and are intrinsically linked to the evolution, growth and diversification of our business. We focus on capturing and retaining the best talent and on promoting equal opportunities, regardless of gender. We are aware that our practices impact how our people are appreciated, and this distinction furthers our resolve to maintain this course of action”.

Companies included in the GEI 2022 achieved a score equal to or higher than the threshold defined by Bloomberg to reflect disclosure and the achievement or adoption of best-in-class statistics and policies.

The GEI 2022 broadened its overall scope to represent 45 countries and regions, including, for the first time, companies headquartered in Colombia and Uruguay. Companies included in the index represent a range of different sectors, such as finance, technology and utilities, which together make up the majority of companies in the index.

“We are proud to distinguish NOS as well as the other 417 companies included in the GEI 2022 for the commitment made to transparency and for setting a new benchmark in the disclosure of information relating to gender”, said Peter T. Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg and Founding Chairman of the U.S. 30% Club. “Despite the fact that the threshold for inclusion in the GEI has risen, the list of participants continued to increase. This is proof that more and more companies are working to improve their practices relating to gender and to encourage more opportunities for success for the diversity of talent within their organizations”.

As part of Gender Equality, NOS is a signatory to the Portuguese Charter for Diversity managed by the Portuguese Association for Diversity and Inclusion (APPDI). This is based on the Diversity Charter of the European Commission, a document which describes concrete measures that can be taken to promote diversity and equality of opportunity, regardless of cultural, ethnic and social origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical characteristics, personal style or religion.

NOS has also committed to Target Gender Equality, a United Nations programme that aims to accelerate gender equality among companies that are already UN Global Compact signatories. The programme helps companies set goals and ambitious targets for the representation and leadership of women in organizations. NOS became a signatory to further leverage equal opportunity across the organization and ensure that all employees are treated equally and based on merit.

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