Beatriz Vergueiro

Product and Marketing

"The NOS Alpha program is a unique opportunity and a great way of integration into a company. The learning, sharing and motivation environment, created during the first week is one of the capital gains of the program. Interaction events are provided not only between Alphas but also between other elements of the company, who share their path, difficulties that they have had to face, as well as their victories! Always interesting and inspiring testimonials. Everyone is entirely available to listen and help us, always demonstrating a great confidence in our abilities and talent. The NOS values are transmitted, as well as its vision, in an active and creative way, which characterize this company. After a week we all leave with a sense of belonging and pride that only a program like NOS Alpha can transmit. Is an intense and arduous path, but within 5 days we are NOS."

João Lemos


“The NOS Alpha program is itself an excellent opportunity to integrate the largest telecommunications and entertainment group in the Country, one of the most competitive sectors of Portugal. In this way, the challenges found in this program are a reflection statement of the demands made to a company whishing to continue to grow every day and be a leader. It was this well-known dynamism and ambition that made me choose and embrace this project that today I´m proud to be part of. Since my first time on NOS I could feel the proactive and evident spirit in the activity of this organization. In addition to enabling the absorption of the most technical knowledge of this company, the NOS Alpha program gives equally a great emphasis to the formation and development of human relations. This program also allows you to know the structure of a large corporate group, in particular by the experience in two distinct areas of business and through the contact with a great diversity of persons performing the various functions that the company needs, something that I consider fundamental to my professional growth. I hope in the future to contribute to the NOS become increasingly strong, growing myself too, either as a professional or as a person, and in this organization.”

Ana Vila Luz


"The program began with a week of integration, where we had the opportunity to meet other trainees and the various areas of the company, we had hands-on experiences, real NOS case-studies development and contacted with colleagues of many areas. All these activities were essential to know the company and to prepare us for the first challenge: to get integrated in the Marketing and Business Product area. I'm doing a project in a team with a strong spirit of mutual aid, rigour and excellence, supported by a mentor and a buddy. Working on NOS has been very challenging and motivating, and the program has only just begun!”

Diogo Manuel Reis


"An unique experience that only generates and adds value, both at the professional and personal level. Since the integration week, when I created a lot of friends, with teambuilding activities, presentations, visits and real case studies that allowed me to quickly acquire a global knowledge about the industry, the NOS and business areas, and where I had the unique opportunity to talk and interact with former-trainees, directors and administrators, to the everyday life in an extremely challenging and dynamic environment, where the routine is the absence of routines. No doubt an unforgettable experience!"