Innovation is in our DNA
We have inherited a spirit of innovation. Today, we invest, we investigate, we innovate. We develop new solutions that generate wealth. We’re with Portugal. We are with our customers. We believe in the power and strength of innovation, to promote entrepreneurship, creativity and creation of value.

The innovation allows a quick adaptation to technological challenges. We live innovation with flexibility and openness. This is what enable us to effectively respond to our customers’ requests.

We work the innovation based on partnership. With the major world technology players, with creative startups, universities, incubators, and developers. With you.

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Where we do innovate

On television

We have revolutionised the television experience. We have anticipated the market trends and exceeded the expectations of our customers. We were the first operator to innovate on the offer, providing triple play and quadruple play content.

In 2011, we have launched Iris. It was a breakthrough in the form of television content’s consumption and for the materialization of the concept "anytime, anywhere" (automatic and multidevice recordings).

N Play was the 2015 great innovation. This is an unlimited On Demand service by monthly subscription in HD, available from the television or PC, tablet and smartphone through Iris Online.

In the movie theatres

We have transformed the cinema into a multidimensional experience. We were pioneers in the digitalisation of our theatres, at the launch of 3D cinema and in IMAX theatres. For the first time in Portugal, we have introduced the 4DX technology, which allows you to watch the best blockbusters in several dimensions.

In companies

We have improved solutions and created new platforms for companies. We have launched the Intelligent Central by late 2015, a virtual call centre which is an integrated solution for fixed and mobile voice communications with no initial investment.

The “Ponte Vasco da Gama” application is also a good example of an innovative tool developed entirely by NOS, which allows corporate segment commercials to manage the entire sales process from a tablet.

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In communication

We have reinvented advertising. Through the NOSPUB, Advertising and Content, S.A., we provide innovative solutions to the market with opportunities for product placement, sponsoring and additional online exposure, associated with the trading media contents.

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In people

We live innovation: from the inside out. The employees are involved in the company’s major projects, starting with its name (NOS), which came out from an internal competition of ideas. We also have innovative training and talent management projects.

We encourage participation through focus groups and experimentation pilots for new services, being the first to test them and giving feedback for improvement. We're a team that works for the other core business of the company: the customers. Learn about NOS Innovation

Innovation is a commitment, always present in everything we do.
It’s everywhere. It’s at NOS.