General Meeting


General Meeting

Comprising Shareholders entitled to vote, it meets, under the law, at least once a year and also whenever convened by the Chair of the Board of the General Meeting, by the Board of Directors, by the Board of Auditors or by Shareholders representing at least 2% of the share capital.

Pursuant to Article 21-B of the Securities Code ("SC"), notice of general meetings is given at least 21 days in advance via the Ministry of Justice website (http://publicaçõ The notice is also posted on the Company's website and via the CMVM information disclosure system ( and on the Euronext Lisbon website.

The General Meeting, as the Company's most senior body, passes resolutions on all matters with which it is charged by law and by the ZON OPTIMUS articles of association.

Under the Company's articles of association, the General Meeting may act, on first call, provided shareholders are present or represented who hold shares representing more than fifty per cent of the share capital.

Without prejudice to the qualifying majority, in those cases stipulated by law the General Meeting passes resolutions by a simple majority of votes cast.

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