General Meeting

General Meeting of Shareholders


April 12 2024 - 3.30 pm


(Exclusively by telematic means)





Notice to Convene

Consult the Notice to Convene here.


Item one: To approve the Annual Integrated Report, which includes the Integrated Management Report (management report and consolidated non-financial statements), the Consolidated and Individual Financial Statements and Corporate Governance Report (which incorporates the Remuneration Report) and other financial statements for the year 2023;

Annual Integrated Report - ESEF Version

Item two: To approve the distribution and allocation of profits relating to the financial year of 2023;

Item three: To assess the Company’s management and supervisory bodies;

Item four: To ratify the co-optation of member of the Board of Directors for the current term of office (2022/2024); (Annex);

Item five: To elect the Statutory Auditor, effective and alternate, for the term 2024/2027; (Annex);

Item six: To authorise the Board of Directors to acquire and dispose of own shares on behalf of the Company and its subsidiaries;

Item seven: To authorise the Board of Directors to acquire and dispose of own bonds on behalf of the Company and its subsidiaries.

Preparatory information

Consult the preparatory information for the General Meeting of Shareholders here.

Guide for Shareholders and Representatives - Telematic Participation

Consult the guide to Webex here.

Consult the guide for shareholders and representatives for electronic voting during the meeting here.

Participation Models and Ballot Paper

Consult the Declaration of Intention for Participation here.

Consult the Letter of Representation here.

Consult the Grouping Letter here.

Consult the Ballot Paper here.

Electronic Vote

To vote  in the General Meeting, click  here until 9 April.